Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Ankulen Cover Reveal!

We come at last to the day we've all been waiting for!

The day I post The Ankulen's table of contents! There aren't any spoilers in any of these, just some really nasty teasers. Don't be afraid to read them all. They're fun!

Prologue: In Which I Tell My Life Story as Homework
1. In Which Chris Shows Up and He and Tisha Confuse me
2. In Which I Acquire a Flashy Bracelet
3. In Which I Discover that My Imagination is Gray
4. In Which We have Frog Leg Soup for Supper
5. In Which I Help a Little Boy
6. In Which I Agree to Help Mermaids
7. In Which My Hand Gets Stuck at a Bad Time
8. In Which I Go Home For Lunch
9. In Which I Decide to Lone It
10. In Which I Meet a Jilted Knight
11. In Which I Encounter a Strange Castle
12. In Which I Discover Disturbing Things About Chris and Tisha
13. In Which I Dream
14. In Which Derek and Megan Become My Traveling Companions
15. In Which I Fix a Few Things
16. In Which Questions are Asked and Answered
17. In Which I Visit Queen Tailya and Ask the Old Woman for Advice
18. In Which Megan Makes an Offer and Derek Doubts
19. In Which I Have a Building Project
20. In Which We Party
21. In Which I Catch the Polystoikhedron and Derek Surprises Me
22. In Which We Are Given Swords of Light
23. In Which We Put Up a Good Fight, but I Still Get Eaten
24. In Which I Am Scarred for Life and New Friends Abound
25. In Which I Get a Few Happily Ever Afters
Epilogue: In Which My Life Does Not Return to Normal

Wait ... you didn't come here to read the table of contents (delightful surprise though it was)?

Ah, then you must have come to see my new author photo which my sister helped me get at VBS last week.

Kendra E. Ardnek  is the eldest daughter in a homeschooling family of four. She has been making up stories since an early age and published her first book, Sew, It's a Quest, when she was sixteen.
When she isn't writing, she's usually knitting, crocheting,  making swords out of paint-stir sticks, or looking up random facts. You can follow her writing adventures on her blog.

That's the Bio that's going on the back of the book. Delightful, isn't it?

Wait ... that's still not what you're here for? You want to see the cover? Oh, fine, I'll show it to you. I guess I did promise, didn't I?

This is the Kindle cover. The print will look a bit different, but I'm still fighting out issues with that one, so I'm not ready to reveal it yet. (Incidentally, I haven't been able to order the proof, either.)

Those are my arms on the cover. I couldn't find a redhead to pose for me. I did have a friend who, while she has more freckles than I do, doesn't have a terrible lot of them, and I did have her pose, but the pictures didn't come out well either had our freezer in the background (not a good background) or her arm was bent at an angle that looked weird.

So I had my mom take a picture of my own arms. I ran it through my special effects blender and here we are.

You can head over to Goodreads and mark it as to-read, if you like, since I've created a page.

Anyways, now that I have a cover, I can now reveal more about the blog party! (Including the button!)

Here it is in all it's glorious beauty. Feel free to steal it and post it on your blog. Link it to this post. I have, unfortunately, still not discovered that secret of making those code boxes.

We're going to have lots of fun, with a giveaway for a two e-copies of The Ankulen, a mad-lib, a "which character are you" quiz if I can put it together, a world-building activity, and other fun! There are two events that require prior involvement from you, my lovely readers.

First, I'd like to do a show of Ankulens. Ankulens are, you see, special pieces of jewelry that are capable of bringing imagination to life. Jen's is a bracelet, mine is an amethyst ring, my sister's is a pair of earrings. Just send me a picture of your "Ankulen" on you, (faces are not necessary unless its a nose ring and I seriously doubt that any of you have one of them), your name, whether you're a guy or a gal (if I don't already know already) and the name of one or ten of your worlds. Oh, and a link to your blog if you have one. (If you don't have a blog, don't worry about it.)

Second, Jen is looking for some blogs to interview her like I had Robin and Robert do. If you're interested in having her over to your blog, just email me.

My email's on my FAQ page, or you can use the Contact Me page on my Official Website.

And before I forget and this post becomes WAY too long, I had some of my friends posting the cover arts on their blogs and I gave them each the option of asking me a few questions about the book. Jack apparently didn't see the email telling her to ask me questions, so she has some trivia instead. They'll be posting over the course of today and perhaps tomorrow, so check back if they haven't posted yet.

Miss Melody Muffin
Kiri Liz
The Notebook Sisters
Miss Jack Lewis Baillot
Lily Jenness

I also have a post on my mom's blog, and I pan to post on my sister's sometime today if I can figure out her google password. Oh, and Eowyn may be posting something, too!

Oh, and keep entering the world-building giveaway! I currently have six or seven entries, and all but two of them belong to Jack! I'm looking forward to seeing more of those lovely entries, and we only have half of August left!


  1. Very beautiful cover! I like the dark pinks. Nice chapter headings too.

    Sounds like a fun party! I'll be able to participate in this one! Hurrah! Hmmm... I wasn't going to do a world building post (because I'm horrible at them) but I might just have to post something on Lord of the Rings tomorrow.

  2. This is all so exciting! And WOW! Jen's Ankulen is amazing!

    I don't know if I'll be able to, but (Lord willing) I'd really like to do some more world-building posts, the blog party, and maybe interview Jen if I have time. It all sounds like so much fun!

    God bless, and congrats on your newest book!

    1. Later....
      Well, it looks like my life is still a wee bit insane. I'll probably be doing well to get anything written for the Blog Party at this rate. :-(

      One very disappointed and apologetic
      ~"Tom Wild Rose"~

  3. So excited!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    I got my post up, Kendra, so I'm sharing the link with you here:

  4. Sorry, my life has been insane this last week and I've been running about and not able to do much breathing. I didn't get the triva, but I did a bit of a world building with your world. I have it all up 8-) I like the cover!


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