Monday, November 5, 2012

Technical Issues

Hey, I'm just popping in to ask a quick question. (Editing and Writing have be bogged down to do anything more than quick.)

You see, the other day my aunt asked about a post on the O.Scarlett! Blog ... and so I pulled up my blog (since that's the link I have memorized), clicked the O.Scarlett tab on the top ...

And nothing happened. When I tried the Clara's Classics tab and my Official Site tabs ... they got nothing too ...

So, my quick questions (It's turned into two questions as I type):

1. Do you go anywhere when you click those three tabs?
2. Have any of my fellow bloggers noticed this on any of their blogs?

Sigh. If this persists, I'll ... figure something out to put the links somewhere else ... Sidebar buttons, maybe.


  1. I tried them and nothing happened too. Nothing like this has happened to me yet but I know others who use blogger have mentioned they are having troubles to. So I think something is going on with blogger.

  2. My links aren't clicking through either. Sigh.

  3. Hey, Kendra!
    I haven't noticed any problems with the links on my blog (and I have quite a few tabs), and I just checked them and noted that they are all in working order.
    However, on your blog, I can't open the three links you mentioned as well as My Amazon Author Page and Books that Inspire Me. I can't say that I know why the links aren't working. You may want to check your "Pages" page on your blog account and see if anything went wacko with the editing part of those pages whose links aren't working. And if you can't do anything with that, I might suggest that you delete the non-working tabs and recreate them. You can copy any information directly into a new tab and for the others, just paste in the correct link location.
    Hope you get this figured out soon! It's a pain to have links that don't work!
    God bless!
    Kiri Liz

  4. I'm frankly not surprised on the other two, Kiri, I had merely forgotten to check them. I should have. It appears to be a problem with the links ones, as they are all affected, and they are the only ones affected.

    I'll try re-entering the links ... and if that doesn't work ...

    A page of links, maybe?


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