Monday, November 19, 2012

Sew, It's some Trivia

I had so much fun doing up trivia for Do Take This Quest? that I think I'll do some for Sew, It's a Quest as well. How does that sound?

Sounds like fun?

Alright, then, I'll get right on it!

  •  - It went from initial idea to published in less than a year an a half.
  •  - I chose to do it for YWP NaNo 2010 because, of all the stories I had running around in my head, it was the best thought out and, at the same time, not very worked on.
  •  - I had worked on it that summer, under the title No Longer a Dream where it was going to be from Rosamond's perspective.
  •  - At the time, the series title was going to be called Beyond the Ever Afters.
  •  - Robin came to me complete with name, basic back story, and basic appearance one day when I was folding laundry.
  •  - Eric was originally going to be named Araclee.
  •  - Robert was going to be named Rednal.
  •  - They're both glad I changed their names.
  •  - I deleted an entire chapter October 31st.
  •  - I finished the rough draft before 7 AM November 30th. It was 30,017 words long. My goal had been 30,000.
  •  - After writing a few chapters/scenes that had evaded me the first time I wrote it, it was about 42,000 words.
  •  - I cut the last chapter out because it was anti-climatic. It worked better as the beginning of Book 2. This brought it down to 38,000.
  •  - Robin stole the personality of Clara from Water Princess, Fire Prince, which has forced me to rewrite Clara's character.
  •  - Sew, It's a Quest has actually inspired at least on person to actually write a book (beyond my immediate family) I know this because she commented on one of my posts. This comment came on a day that I was in the depths of frustration and wondering if I should just scrap the whole idea of writing and get a job selling apples instead, so it was a real encouragement.
  •  - Another title I considered was The Needle and the Sword, but it didn't quite work.
  •  - There wasn't a single pun in the book until I decided to name it Sew, It's a Quest. 
  •  - The Punch Line was the first pun I came up with to put in it.


  1. ::::: with one eyebrow raised:::::: a job selling "apples"?

  2. I am glad you didn't get a job selling apples. Us authors must stick together and it is nice to know there are others out there, banging their heads on desks, wondering why they put up with all this. Here, have a cookie.
    Guess what, I might have extra money! Which means I might actually get to buy your book!


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