Thursday, November 1, 2012

CE Bedroom - Shira

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Today has been a long day. Between formatting book 2, and writing book 3 ... my brain is a mess. As I close my laptop and slide it into the cabinet where I keep it, I wonder if I'll be able to get up in the morning. I've been writing a trifle longer than I had intended.

I take off my glasses and put them on the table beside me. I'm about to turn off my bedside lights when a voice startles me.

"What dost thou think thou art doing?"

I look up and see a person who looks like a blob of white. I scramble for my glasses. I just took them off ... what did I do with them ...

"I'm ... uh ... what are you doing in my room? I'm trying to go to sleep here - and I thought I'd locked the door ..." I yawn to prove my point.

"Thou hast left Maddie still without her paint box, and blank walls drive her crazy as thou well knowest," she accuses, ignoring my question. "And, yet, at the same time, thou hast pushed Max over the wall."

"I pushed Arthur over the wall," I contradict.

"I don't like the name Arthur."

I finally find my glasses, and get them on my face. I draw in a sharp breath as the girl's features sharpen and become recognizable. She's short and delicate, with white-blond hair and blue eyes, dressed in a white dress. I draw in my breath - I do recognize that face. "Shira!" I exclaim.

"I'm still waiting for an answer. Are you going to resolve those two issues?"

"What are you doing here! You're supposed to be in the book!"

"I've come to tell you that you have stopped in two of the worst places you can stop in both books," she crosses her arms over her chest. And I want you to resolve them. Now."

"I can't," I counter. "I've already turned off my computer. I've already been writing too late - that's probably why I'm seeing things. Maybe in the morning." Without waiting for a reply, I take my glasses back off, put them back in a safe place, turn off my light and pull the covers over my head."

Next thing I know, I'm on the floor, Shira on top of me. "Fix those scenes! NOW!!!!"

Yowch ... I suddenly feel for Robin, who managed to feel Shira's wrath in book 2. Shira is much stronger than she looks.

"Please," I say. "Let me sleep. I've already turned off my computer, and I can't turn it back on until five. If you want me to finish those scenes, you should wake me up then."

"Fix those scenes!"

"Okay, okay, I'll fix them in a notebook ... just ... get off of me."

"You'd better hurry." She gets off of me, and I scramble over to my desk and grab a "Random Stuff" notebook and randomly grab a dull pencil. She stands over me as I write:

Purple penguins danced all around Arhtur. They were very cute ... He liked the brown one best. He decided to name it 


I look up and meet her intense glare. "I'm drop dead tired and my brain is fried." I tell her. "If you want me to write something that makes sense, you'd better let me sleep first."

"Fine," she says. "I'll wake you at five." With that, she picks me up and tosses me back into bed. After carefully positioning my alarm clock so that she can see it clearly, she looks over all of the notebooks I have strewn across my desk. She finally selects one and opens it up to read.

I sigh and pull the covers over my head to block out the light. She obviously isn't going to go anywhere until the scenes have been resolved. Next thing I know, I'm asleep.



  1. She sounds like some of my characters. Some can be so bossy. Don't they get WE are the authors? *Snickering in the background.* Shut up, Steed.

    I hope she lets you get sleep.

    I am glad you like the cover! Speaking of which, and speaking of your second book coming you have a cover for it yet? (Because, I know where you can get one if you need.)

  2. No, I don't have the cover for Take yet ... but I've already commissioned a friend of mine who's a great artist to draw/paint what I want for me. After that, I'll send the picture to the cousin who designed Sew's cover, so that they'll look like they belong to the same series.


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