Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Eleven Questions.

Thank you Bekah, for tagging me in this fun post. Unfortunately, I'm terribly busy right now, so all I'm going to do is answer the questions - skip the 11 facts, my own questions, and the tagging. Hope you understand, but, I'm terribly busy.

1. Hunger Games or Harry Potter?

I have read neither, but based on what I've heard of both series, I don't plan to read Harry Potter, and I do plan to read the Hunger Games. A friend owns the first book, and she plans to lend it to me.

Interestingly enough, my mom enjoyed Suzanne Collin's Gregor series. Or, at least, it's one of the books she frequently refers to when she and I are plotting my books.

2. Lord of the Rings or Narnia?

Much as I would love to say that these are a tie ... I love Narnia more than I love Middle Earth. I was initiated into Middle Earth first ... and I was convinced for the longest time that I would hate Narnia. (don't ask, long story. Has to do with the cover art of the copy we own, and a misunderstanding of a radio show that was discussing it ...) but once my mother actually got me to watch the BBC movies ... I've been an adoring fan ever since.

However, Middle Earth is not far behind.

3. Movies or books?

I enjoy books and movies on separate levels. However, if forced to choose, I pick books, simply because they can be longer, you can get to know the characters better ... and they're mobile.

4. What kind of music do you listen to when you write, if any?

If I happen to put in music while I write, it's usually classical.

5. Winter or summer?

Winter, hands down. Summer is torture.

6. Cursive or print?

My handwriting is actually almost in the middle. There are some words that I never pick up my pen to write

7. Keyboard or writing by hand?

I will begin a book in my notebook, and write around various scenes ... but they soon upgrade to the computer.

8. If the villain from your favorite movie/book series right now came walking through your front door as you're reading this question, what would you do?

If the White Witch came in my front door ... I'd realize why it's suddenly cold outside.

Then I'd get my big stick.

9. Mexican or Chinese food?

Chinese. I adore Chinese. I could eat Chinese all day long and be perfectly happy.

Mexican ... I like tacos ... and taco salads, but I'm not one for spicy.

So Chinese any day.

10. Cake or ice cream?

I prefer the taste of ice cream, but the cake likes me better. I'm somewhat sensitive to milk, though not as sensitive as I used to be.

11. Candy or chips?

Chips. They're slightly healthier.

Unless you're talking about Dots ...

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