Thursday, November 15, 2012

Do You Take This Quest Trivia

Hey, I just thought you guys would like to know some interesting things about the writing process of Do You Take This Quest?

You know, to continue getting you excited about it's publication in (hopefully) two and a half weeks.

So, here you go, some interesting facts.

  •  - While writing chapter 2, I had the opening of the new Prince Caspian movie playing in my head. Thing was, up until my writing of it, I had not even considered the fact that they were similar.
  •  - Then as I reflected on it, I realized that Arthur and the movie version of Caspian have quite a few things in common.
  •  - My mom and I hashed out the initial basic plot in about two hours while Dad and my younger sisters were at Wednesday night church, sometime in the spring before Sew, It's a Quest was published.
  •  - Before that, Book two was going to be what is currently book five.
  •  - I tried the titles Sew, It's a Wedding and Say Yes to the Quest before finally settling on Do You Take This Quest. Say Yes to the Quest was the shortest lived. 
  •  - The old man is mentioned in Sew, It's a Quest.
  •  - I tried two different openings before I finally tried starting with Arthur.
  •  - I didn't come up with Arthur until December, when I was reading the current opening aloud to my mom (because I was stuck), and she questioned the reasoning behind a certain character's behavior, and we realized that there was a bunch of Back History that involved the old man.
  •  - Thyme was a spur of the moment addition when I realized I had no idea how the old man was going to convince Mordreth to talk to him. It since became a crucial element of the book
  •  - There is one scene that I had written ahead of time, but when I got to it, I ended up writing completely differently. Funny how that happens. Part of the reason it was different was the addition of the old man, the other part was some back story I added to Queen Charlotte.
  •  - I think of Do You Take This Quest? as a lavender book, despite the fact that no lavender is ever mentioned.
  •  - Chapters 3 and 4 cover events that were originally the last chapter of Sew, It's a Quest. 


  1. I like it! For me, my book 2 was going to be book 3 and all of my Drake Elliot series were going to take place during one summer. Now the series will span at least 4 years.

    ~Robyn Hoode

    1. Bookania covers ... I have no idea how long. I've got stories planned for as far back as 300 years in the past and 60 or so years in the future. When I started planning it, was merely a collection of Stand-alones.

  2. Does this have spoilers? I skipped it because I avoid spoilers...okay, I TRY to, but they always find me. If it doesn't have spoilers I shall come back later and read it.

    I can't remember which comment I answered and which I didn'

    Yes, holding ones book is very delightful. I've been carrying it and hugging it and flipping through it and beaming so wide my teeth are likely to fall out. Sadly, I cannot carry it about as it is too fat. I can to though but it won't fit into my bag with my survival kit.

    1. Nope, I made sure this didn't have any spoilers. If I do post spoilers on my blog, I tend to color them white so that you have to highlight them to read them, and therefore it's harder to read them on accident.

      So, no, no spoilers, just a bunch of facts about the plotting/writing process of Do You Take This Quest?

    2. Goody! I like when I can read non spoiler things. I like it, it has me excited for both books, and curious. Maybe I can ask for books for Christmas


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