Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Giraffes

I am thankful for giraffes. I fell in love with giraffes at a young age on a trip to the zoo. I have been collecting them ever since, and have a huge collection. (Somewhere upwards to a hundred figurines, pictures, and stuffies). Most of my giraffes have names - usually based on their appearances (such as Carrie for a carosel giraffe, or Stony for a stone giraffe, or Giant and Mega-Giant for my two biggest) or who gave them to me (such as one named V. after my sister.)

Me and Crackers. (He sings Animal Crackers when you push a button on his leg)

Some fun facts about giraffes:

They are six feet tall at birth - that's as tall as my dad!
Like humans and most other mammals, they have seven bones in their necks.
Like cattle, giraffes are called bulls, cows and calves.
They have blue tongues.
They have LONG tongues.
My favorite giraffe is the Masai, which has star-shaped spots.
I, unfortunately, have only found one Masai giraffe figurine.
The most common breed of giraffe is the reticulated, which is what most of my collection is.

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