Friday, April 27, 2012

Doranna's Birds

Another room they came to was a magnificent aviary. These birds were remarkably tame, and flocked to Doranna’s outstretched arms. There were all sorts of birds, both common and exotic, in all sizes and colors. To Robin’s amazement, Doranna seemed to be talking to them, in their own languages, everything ranging from peeps and caws to groans and moans and grinding noises, all of which seemed out of place coming from the throat of the girl standing before them.

A mourning dove perched on her shoulder, rubbing her under her chin. A cardinal perched on her head, admiring its reflection in the back of Doranna’s tiara. A peacock strutted proudly around her, his tail fanned magnificently. A small, brown chicken settled down at her feet, cackled contentedly, and then stood up to reveal that she had just lain a solid gold egg. Doranna laughed, picked it up, and slid it into her pocket. A strange, pink bird with long legs stood close by, staring at them while it perched perfectly on one leg.

Even Robert was taken by surprise when a short, black and white bird popped out of the water and waddled up to Doranna on short, almost non-existent legs. A little fish was in its beak, and he laid this at Doranna’s feet.

- Excerpt Chapter 9 of Sew, It's a Quest.

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