Friday, April 13, 2012

A Mother's Work

What does you mother do? 

1. She cooks meals.
2. She wipes noses.
3. She settles arguments
4. She cleans the house.
5. She folds the laundry
6. She cleans the house
7. She folds the laundry.
8. She drives you places.
9. She teaches you.
10. She makes sure you're always on time.
11. She reads you bedtime stories.
12. She tucks you in at night.
13. She kisses boo-boos.
14. She finds lost toys.
15. She answers questions ... and more questions ... and more questions.
16. She disciplines you when you err.
17. She rewards you when you do right.
18. She prepares you for your future.
19. She sings you to sleep.
20. She helps pick up after you.
21. She makes your birthday cakes.
22. She encourages you.
23. She comforts you.
24. She knows you.
25. She considers you her treasures.
26. She nurses you when you're sick.
27. She is scared for you when you do dumb tricks.
28. She counts the days - because they are so few.
29. She puts straggly wildflowers in vases - as if they were expensive roses.
30. She's always there.

(Note: I know no mother lives up to everything on this list. My mother comes close, but she still misses it on a few of them, so don't feel discouraged if your mother doesn't live up. Most mothers do get the important ones.)

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