Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Want to be Beautiful?

I believe that there probably isn't a girl in the world who doesn't want to be beautiful. Well, here's a few tips from people from all over the world and all through history to make you such!

Bind your feet really tight so that they don't grow much and they stay really small. You might have to break some of the bones to do so, but it's so worth it!
 - Women from China.

Squeeze your head while you're a baby between two boards so that it will be narrow, and put a jewel in front of her face so that she's be cross-eyed. When she's older, you can file their teeth to points and put bits of pyrite and jade in them.
 - Mayan Women

Tattoo your lips and the skin around them black.
 - Natives from somewhere in the orient.

Put rings around your neck.
 - Giraffe People of Kayan People and the Zulus

Put holes in your ears and make it stretch and stretch until the bottoms of your ears reach your shoulders.
 - Natives of the Easter Islands.

Wear a Corset and powder your face with white lead!
 - Women of medieval and renascence and civil war eras and eras in between and some past ...

Please note that I do not endorse any of these methods and that you should only follow them at your own risk.

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