Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday - My New Glasses

I wear glasses. I got my first pair of glasses when I was six or so. I called them my Molly glasses because they looked the glasses that Molly the American wore.

The second pair were brown, not long after I got those glasses, I knocked them off of a dresser, and got them severely bent. We took them back to Wal-mart, and they got them mostly straightened out, but they were still crooked.

My third pair of glasses were a bluish-purple. Purple and blue are two of my favorite colors, so I really liked those glasses.

But as much as I loved that pair of glasses, sometime in the past year, I realized that I wasn't seeing things as well as I should. So my Gma and Gpa got me glasses for my birthday. I knew I needed glasses - but I hadn't realized how bad. My left eye severely changed. I had always been left-eye dominant ... but a few weeks ago, I had taken the eye dominance test ... and I was now right eye dominant.

So now I have a new pair of glasses, their base color is the same as my third pair of glasses, but the color you mostly see is dark purple. I like them. However, due to the fact that my left eye has been corrected more than my right, they're having to relearn how to focus. Mom says I need to find a patch to put over my right eye and make my left eye do all the work for a week. Anyone know where I can find a eye-patch?

I'm so thankful for my new glasses and being able to see again. (even if my eye unfocus a lot.)

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