Sunday, February 19, 2012

One Year Adventure Novel

On my Amazon Wishlist, I have something called the One Year Adventure Novel. Those who have read my wishlist may be wondering what it is. Well, first off, it's a writing curriculum that costs almost two hundred dollars.

But it's so much more than that.

OYAN, as it's often abbreviated, was written by Daniel Schwabauer. I first found out about it when my mom stumbled upon it somehow and ordered the free sample DVD. I've watched the DVD, and I've looked at the sample lessons that are on the site.

So I did some more study on it, and read reviews of people who have used it, Here's a few:

OYAN is different from other writing curricula, as it is from a Christian perspective and it's thrust is not to teach you how to string words together, but how to tell a story. It doesn't teach you how to characterize, but how to build a character that people care about. It teaches that a good story tells a lesson and how to tell the lesson you choose to tell without sounding preachy. It's lessons are told not just on paper, but it has a video portion that makes the lessons come to life.

It also has a sequel curriculum that is only eighty dollars that is about Fantasy and Sci-Fi which teaches how to do those genres when the student finishes with OYAN.

Since I intend to pursue writing as a career, I would like to take this course. Sew, It's a Quest might be a good book, but I want to be a great author, and this is a curriculum that could help me get there.


  1. That sounds like a really good curriculum (*gasp* I'm posting a comment on a blog! Shock!).
    The only Creative Writing textbook I've tried, I never made it past the introduction. It was from a Christian perspective, but had some views I highly disagree on about fantasy, it basically said you shouldn't write anything that couldn't happen in real life (basically, anything that could be considered fantasy). I shut the book and ranted to my mom about all the Christian fantasy, or things-that-probably-couldn't-happen-in-reallife, that had helped me in my faith for the rest of the day.
    This one sounds awesome though, I hope you can get it! Did you try and see if you could get a used one on ebay? There's also something called the Homeschool Classifieds that has used curriculum.

    And now I apologize for such a long post that was mostly about me. Yeah... sorry about that.

    1. I'm sure I could get it off ebay ... but there are some features that comes with buying the curriculum from them that I would really like, such as an exclusive forum and a yearly contest.

      I suppose, if I could get it second hand, I could merely pay the $25 recharge fee which would send me new workbooks and a new registration key for the forum.

      And as for Christian Writing Curricula that is against Fantasy, there are many Christians who believe that Fantasy is not a Christian genre. I think it can be, but it has to be handled properly.

      Thanks for your comment Rose.


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