Wednesday, October 12, 2016

We're On Our Way

Well, just one more week before Lady Dragon, Tela Du releases.

And I just thought I'd travel down memory lane and show you the lines that started it all. I, unfortunately, threw away the original draft, and I can't seem to find the oldest draft that I know I still have. But ... it was a play ... and wouldn't you know but I still have the lines memorized. And this draft that I just found isn't too far off, so it can jar my memory.

Setting - baggage car of the train because the girls' parents couldn't afford anything nicer. And this was before I took a train ride of my own and learned that baggage car wasn't a travel option. There are cobwebs. I distinctly remember cobwebs.

Four girls, ages 8-12. Lulu, the youngest, is a small girl with straight blonde hair and an innocent expression. I don't have an appearance for Edna, because we hadn't actually picked an actress for her. We'll say she's blonde, too. Susie is a tall girl with a tan, and brown hair with blonde highlights. Petra is actually a bit shorter than her younger sister, and has thick, wavy hair that's somewhere between blonde and brown. 

Lulu (excited): We're on our way!

Susie (pretty much the opposite of excited): On a very uncomfortable train.

Petra (whistful - this was long before she became an INTJ, may I point out): I can't wait 'til we get there.

Susie (rolls eyes): I sure can. I wish we didn't even have to go.

Edna (in a prim, proper "mom" voice): Oh, don't be such a bump on a log.

Susie: I'll be whatever I want.

(And in the draft I'm currently reading, I have them cutting to a song here called "Fight." I do not remember if we had actually written any lyrics for the song.)

Petra and Lulu simultaneously: Stop arguing!

And apparently the intervention works, because Susie and Edna both storm off to sulk.

Lulu: Why do they always fight?

Petra: I don't know. It's just something that they do.


Joke's on Petra, though, because just a few scenes later, she's the one arguing with Susie and Edna's the one who helps Lulu break it up. Summer's just argumentive. But she never fights with Lulu because Lulu's cute and sweet and you just can't fight with her.

Anywho, I hope you enjoyed that. By the way, I have a small announcement on Worth of a King that I'll be making shortly, probably after the tour is finished.

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  1. Nice. It would have been interesting with four girls. That's a lot of them close in age. ;)
    You got me wondering how Petra would act with a little sister, and then I remembered Alyce.
    And yeah, Summer is still a bit argumentative. Certainly still irritating.


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