Monday, October 24, 2016

Ships I Ship because of Reutra

When WPFP released, I shared the ships that reminded me of Clarand for one reason or another. Now I'm going to share the ships that I ship because of Reutra.

Percy and Annabeth
I shared this one on Clarand, too, but for a different reason. While their rivalry-turned-ship reminds me of Clarand, their personalities remind me more of Reuben and Petra. She's the smart one who has her head on her shoulders while he ... he might be smart, but he enjoys acting like an idiot.

Emma and Mr. Knightly
Clarand was my Pride and Prejudice ship. Reutra reminds me more of Emma and Knightly - especially in their Emma Approved incarnation. Not personality-wise, so much, but situation-wise.

David Copperfield and Agnes
Again, the situation thing. Childhood friends who end up together.

Ladybug and Chat Noir
So ... earlier this year I heard about this show "Miraculous Ladybug" or something like that. I love ladybugs but thought it sounded cheesy. And then I found fancomics and decided that I'd give it a try. I have since watched almost every episode twice. 
Anywho, in their Ladybug and Chat Noir guises. the main characters of this show have a relationship and interplay that remind me very much of Reutra. 

Ella and Prince Char
In Ella Enchanted. Again, childhood friends who end up together. They're also adorable.

Ivy and Dor
From Xanth. Again. childhood friends. They have the added bonus of their relationship being kinda expected - she's the princess, but he's set to be the next king because his Talent is Magician status.

Madeline and Pepito
I was a HUGE fan of Madeline as a child (no doubt an influence on my love of Miraculous Ladybug now). Now, Madeline and Pepito aren't a confirmed ship ... but I'd like to think that they ended up together eventually.

Trask and Anne
From Ilyon. Again, childhood friends. Again, he's a bit impulsive while she's practical.

Will and ... I forget. Alice, wasn't it?
From the Ranger's Apprentice. The girl he grew up with as a fellow orphan, The one who was really smart and joined the ambassador/lawyer group. I think. Anywho. I ship 'em.

Makilien and Aedan
Now this is my rebel ship, because they aren't a ship at all, unless it strictly a friendship. But I swear they would have been adorable together, and might have strengthened the plot of the book. Not that I think she shouldn't have ended up with Sirion - they're totally cute together. I just ... wasn't satisfied with his romance.

And that's all I can think of right now. If you know of any ships that remind you of Reutra, feel free to toss them into the mix.

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  1. Madeleine and Pepito! Wow. I don't think I've read that since I was old enough to think of such things, but yes.

    Sirion is so much better than Aedan, but I must at least partly agree with you here. I love rich childhood friendships that turn into more later, and the quality of this friendship may have made me initially hope for something like that in this case. But Sirion. Just Sirion. Who doesn't love Sirion.

    1. Oh, I love Makilien and Sirion together, I just feel that the first half of Courage would be stronger if Aedan and Derrin had been combined. And I was far from satisfied with Aedan's canon romance. Maybe if it had been developed more than "oh, she's pretty" and "here, let me make you something to hide that awful tattoo." It just lacked depth to me.

    2. Yes - I agree with that, although I would hate to have Aedan be anything like Derrin. But yes, Aedan's ending seemed rushed and unnatural.

  2. Where are Makilien and Aedon from?

    I never would've related most of these ships to Reutra . . . but I can see most of them. (Also, Emma Approved! I never made it through the whole thing because it was turning into a TRAIN WRECK and I couldn't deal with it and also I spent far too much time being annoyed at Emma. But it's still awesome that you watched the show. Have you watched any of the other Pemberley Digital shows? Are they good? I'm thinking of picking up the Little Women one, but haven't gotten around to it.)

    1. Makilien Trilogy. The fantasy series that Jaye published while she was still Molly Evangeline.

      How far did you get with Emma Approved? Because I skipped over a lot of the early episodes. I'll admit that it looked like a train wreck for a while, though. But it made for an awesome ending.

      I did watch ALL of the Lizzy Bennet Diaries, and highly recommend them. I've only watched bits and pieces of the other shows, though. I'd say skip on the Little Women one, because it just felt really STIFF compared to the other series ... and then they turned John to Jane. So ... yeah.

    2. Ah. I guess I should've guessed that.

      I got . . . um. The last thing I remember was the engagement party and Caroline Bingley being jerkish. I might've gotten a little past that, but not much.

      I watched LBD too, and loved it. (That's actually what got me started on Emma Approved.) And thanks for the warning. Not going to watch that one, then . . .

  3. I have no idea what will happen in LDTD (I have not finished WPFP yet;)

  4. So mostly childhood friend ships. Those are good. Maybe I'll write one myself sometime. I have one that's childhood acquaintances. And one where he is doomed to die.

    And I like Makilien and Aiden's relationship as an example of friendship without romance. I think we need more of that.

  5. The girl is Alyss. And I definitely agree about Reutra with most all of the ships that you've listed that I know!


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