Tuesday, October 25, 2016

You'll Wanna Stick Around For This

So I managed to not write down the post I planned to write today on the schedule. Therefore, you guys have no idea that I decided to toss it out the window and run with a completely different idea.

I'm going to talk about the stories that are to come with the Rizkaland Legends, both in the official series and the connected novels, and why you're going to want to read them.

Love and Memory. We'll start out with the newly announced book three. I talked about it on the second day of the tour, so all that I'm going to say is that there will be Clarand, there will be Reutra, and there will be pain. You guys are going to hate me, but will love the story by the end of it. I know what I'm doing, Life is pain. Everyone who tells you otherwise is selling something.

Book 4. This volume will introduce you to new main characters Edna, Alex, Quentin, and Louise. Planning-wise, this is one of my weaker stories, I'll admit, so I actually pulled out a notebook to begin writing a VERY rough draft yesterday. Hopefully I'll pull this book together and it won't be the weak point in the series, because I don't want it to be the weak point, and I'm scared it will be. (Though, frankly, I can't point to a single other book in the series and say 'hey, why can't you be the weak one.) But THINGS will happen in this book, and I don't want it to be a failure.

Book 5. I may have mentioned that you'll find out the fate of Andrew's mother in this book. I may have mentioned that Rhoda and Kevin are main characters in this book. I may have also mentioned that two of Clara and Andrew's children are in the book - Timothea and Flynn. I don't think I need to tell you anything else to make you want to read it.

Book 6. Book six happens to be the only book in the series that STILL doesn't have an official title. Which is kinda frustrated. This book happens to have been inspired by some Percy Jackson fanfiction  where Annabeth moves across the US to be closer to Percy and finds that there's a girl at his school who has a crush on Percy and jealousy ensues. How much of that will remain in the book, I won't say, but the main characters include Tina, Kevin's younger sister and Kyle, Andrew's younger brother. Oh, and my pinterest followers have made the observation that there are babies in this book, which I find to be an interesting observation.

Book 7 or JEJS, because I have revealed its initials already. Is the last book in the series, *cue tears* and if you follow me on Instagram or are my friend on facebook, you might have seen me post a picture yesterday where I have the Earth dates of the books in the series, And you may have noticed that this book is set about twenty years after WPFP. So yes, this does mean that it stars the second generation - I have a Clarand daughter and a Reutra daughter confirmed for main characters. I also know that a few of the older generation will be returning to Rizkaland, and that there are five comfirmed deaths.

Now on to the other books.

First the 'lesser' legends that will probably become novellas.

Alphego's Hill. I'm actually not sure I'll ever write this thing in its entirety. But I can promise more snippets on the AA blog.
Through the Mountain. Featuring more Amber being mean, and a Joash story which will be awesome.
Ear of the People. A lot of people want to ship Jasmine and Karlos. This book will confirm or sink this ship. And mwahaha, even thogh there's a sumary of the story at the back of LDTD, I didn't actually confirm if they were a thing or not.

Now the other books.

The Worth of a King. I added Worth to Goodreads last night. You should add it to your book shelf. I'm going to make an effort to release this book, if not the fall of next year, then early in 2018. Because you guys want to read it. Not only is there awesome wordbuilding, political intrigue, and a set of twins whose story will make you cry, but there's a younger Amber and Granite. And by "younger" I mean "nearly three thousand years old." They're a force for good in this novel, and you'll see how totally in love they were back then. Here's a bit of fanart so you can see a glipse of what this book will hold.

The New Division, The next book I'd like to release after Worth is TND, a portal fantasy that begins during the Great Depression on Arden Orphanage. The orphanage where Andrew's dad grew up. Which just so happens to be the house where Petra lives. There are elves, and I'll be dealing with issues such as segregation. slavery, human (well, elven, because the characters in this book are elves) sacrifice, and salvation. Oh, and Jane, Petra's mother, has a scene at the end.

Dragon Song. This book is sort of a companion to Worth, as they tell the story of two sides of one event. However, this is a book you won't be able to read unless you already read Lady Dragon, Tela Du, because it was supposed to be book 3, and there are cameos from Petra and her gang that may ruin your read of LDTD. Just a warning. But this is the book where I developed the stars of Lintooalintae and the Dragon Scale that corrupted Amber.

Fire and Song, This book has almost the weakest connection to the main series. It's set in the same world as Dragon Song, though, and will feature a breif cameo from members of that books cast. But there's a firebird and lots of political and social intrigue, and it's going to be fun.

The Trilogy of Secrets. I have this book down as a series on my WIP page, but it'll probably be released as one book. This book has been going through some plot overhaul lately, though, so I'm not sure. I can tell you that it's about Collie Liano, whose electrical problems cameoed in LDTD, and that there may be a brief cameo from the Rizkaland gang somwhere in the middle.

The Eternal Queen. This is the story of the Eternal Queen of Solar, referenced in LDTD. It's the story of the creation of the cloths that give Amber and Granite their immortality. It's the story of some of Laura's darker days.

And then I have a number of Laura stories planned, from many stages in her life, all of them will make you laugh and cry. Look forward to them, too.

Paperback - Yes, it's out. And get it now while it's $14.99, because after the tour is over, it'll go up to $19.99 because it's a big book and I can't put it in the Expanded distribution otherwise.

Tyrean Martinson - 5 Reasons to Write with Pinterest Guest post

I'm doing a giveaway, as per normal for a tour. Prize is an autographed copy of LDTD, a 2.5 oz bottle of Citrus Bliss Lotion - my favorite lotion that smells like citrus and vanilla - and a Serenity Bath Bar - which smells like lavender and vanilla and is awesome for relaxing before bed. Giveaway is US ONLY, however. Sorry about that, but ... shipping.

I'm also doing a comment giveaway. The person who leaves the most comments on the blog tour posts - including the interviews, reviews, and guest posts - and my back posts with the Lady Dragon Tela Du or Rizkaland Legend lables will get a sneak peak at either book three or Worth of a King. Possibly both. I'm generous. This giveaway is international, because there is no shipping. (Well, there may be shipping, on your end, once you get the book, but I don't have to pay for it.) Comments on AA posts with the Lady Dragon Tela Du tag also count. (The AA is my extra blog where I post snippets and in-between bits about my characters that have spoilers. It's member only, but if you'll email me telling me that you've read the three Bookanias or at least Water Princess, Fire Prince, I'll add you to the access list.) And I decided yesterday that I'll also count any and all speculations about future Rizkaland and the connecting stories posted on this thread on Goodreads during the the tour. 


  1. It's neat to have it all in an organized list like this. I want to read every one of these books. WoaK and EQ especially right now. And book 3. :)

    Also, isn't book 6 the one where "everybody" goes to Rizkaland?

  2. I love how you have this whole list of stories so well planned out, while I'm like "This book that I want to write eventually is PROBABLY going to be about this thing . . . probably." But all these stories sound so awesome and I want to read them ALL. Even the ones that are going to kill me with feels.
    Also, I have a suspicion about the five confirmed deaths in JEJS.
    And I kind of wish now that I'd voted for Dragon Song instead of ROCKS for you to work on in NaNo . . . oh well. I want good!Amber and Granite.

    1. Seriously. I'm stuck halfway through Book 2 of my series. And future books in my series are developed only as far as "So-and-so will be the main character."

      I voted for Dragon Song without hesitation. But I was overruled... :)

    2. I ... honestly don't know how I do it. It just happens/

      If Dragon Song had won, I probably would have swapped it for Worth, just a mention.

    3. @Erika: I managed to make it to book 4 . . . but all I know about books 5 and 6 is that there's probably going to be a siege in book 5 and one of my villains may have a heel-face turn in book 6. So, yeah. Vague ideas. Nothing more.

      Heh. Sorry.

      @Kendra: That's impressive.

      Still, that would be been awesome. Not that ROCKS wouldn't be.

    4. I voted Dragon Song. But I really want all the books.

  3. Fascinating. I didn't know Kevin and Rhoda were the MAIN characters of book 5.
    And Book 6. Well got the impression that Kyle would become important from a pin, but I didn't know how much.
    Book 7 having two female main characters and no guys mentioned is an interesting development. But then you can't have romance with so many people dying.


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