Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Character Encounters - October 2016

Hello! I honestly meant to have this post up on Saturday but ... it didn't happen. Ah, well.

It was phone book day at the zoo on Saturday.  (Meaning that if you brought an old phone book, you could get in for free), so we took advantage. I saw giraffes and bought a new giraffe necklace. It was awesome. What wasn't so awesome is that my computer spent three hours on an update when I got home. Growl.

I've been hard at work editing LDTD and fighting my computer on converting the PDF for the paperback version. I was scared that I wouldn't be able to release the paperback on the 19th, but I think I have it behaving now, so it looks like we're back on schedule. Also last call for the blog tour as I'll be taking the forms down tomorrow.

Anywho, you'd probably like to know where we'll be meeting our characters this month. It's quite simple, actually:

The Zoo

Simple really. Just meet up with your character where you'll find some exotic animals - or not so exotic, if it's a petting zoo. Have fun!

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