Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Updates, Plans, and Things

All right. My Kingdom For a Quest will be publishing in just two and a half weeks. I've received feedback from all of my editors save one, and she's IRL. I only have four chapters left to read through with my Mom, and I should be able to get to them within the next few days.

I've fixed the formatting issues that were in the proof copy, which brought the page count to 137, as apposed to the former 115. It's still a bit shorter than Sew, but since by word count, it's longer, I don't care.

I'm still open to more participants in the Blog Tour. I have at least two stops per day across 13 blogs as it stands right now, but if anyone else would like to have me, I'd appreciate it. I'm especially looking for reviewers.

However, since I recognize that this is the third book of the series, and very dependent on the two previous books, and some of my readers haven't one or both of the first two books, I'm going to open the reviewing options to include Sew and Take. If you have read one or the other and you'd like to do a review during the tour, let me know which day via email (you can see the schedule here to see which days I'd need it.) Or, if you haven't read them, let me know and I'll send you a PDF of Sew, and you can, again, let me know which day you'd like to post the review.

Also, and I believe I've mentioned this before, but I've set up a goodreads group for Bookania, where you guys can gather and discuss the books, characters, whathaveyou. Last night I added two more topics - one for the discussion of My Kingdom for a Quest and one for casting choices if a movie were to ever get made.

However, currently, most of the topics have just me and that's all. Could one or two of you guys please, pretty please, just go through and comment on them? It's a bit embarrassing, as an author, to be the only one talking about my books. I've even given you guys some starter stuff - I'd like to include Q&A's with the various characters here on my blog, and I'd like the questions to be asked there. (Though if you don't have a Goodreads account, I'd accept them here or in an email).

Also, you guys need a name, don't you think? Fans of Ilyon are calling themselves the Resistance. Anne Elizabeth Stengl has her Goldstone Imps. And you can't forget the classic Whovians, the Demigods, and the Tributes.

What do you Bookania fans wish to be called? I'll let you guys discus this in the comments below.

Also, speaking of the tour, I have almost all of the interviews filled out, and though I haven't started any of the guest posts, they're all topics that should be easily written. I'm also planning/hoping to include two "Which character are you?" quizzes during the tour, one for the princesses, and one for princes.

And ...

Onward to Rizkaland stuff.

I've begun my personal edits for the book, and I've sent part 2 to a young man who was in the boy scouts for about as long as he could be so he could make sure I handled my boys correctly. I'm going to send out edits one part at a time, so it's not overwhelming, and I'm hoping to have part 1 ready to hand out by the end of February.

And, on one more note, I read an article/watched a video the other day that has completely changed my view on archery, and I plan to incorporate this new knowledge into my edits.

Check it out here.



  1. Hmmm... a name... That's a tough one! We could call ourselves Page-Turners. That's all I got for now.
    That's so great that you started editing Water Princess, Fire Prince!
    I'll try check out the Bookania boards sometime soon... and I'll have to watch that video on archery too. It looks super cool!

    1. Ooh! Page-Turners! I like that one.

      That archery video IS super cool. Everyone who writes fantasy and/or HiFi set before the invention of guns needs to watch it.

    2. Wow! That is an EPIC video! I'm going to have to do some extra reading on archery now.


      My my found this. Apparently the guy isn't very accurate with his shots, but it's still something to take into consideration for archery.

  2. Oh, we should call ourselves Questers! :) Since... Bookania QUESTS and all that.

    I know how that feels being the only one in your own discussion group on goodreads, it's no fun, I shall see if I have time to go over and make a few comments.... time is a luxury I don't seem to have very much of, lately.

    I was planning on doing a review of Sew in the near future, let me know which date you need something the most and I'll make sure it posts on that day.

    Thank you for all the lovely ideas on how to do a proper book launch for when Yorien's Hand is ready, by the way! I'm totally going to steal many of your ideas! :)

    1. Questers is great too, and actually one that has passed through my head. So many choices. (My mother has also suggested Bookies). I think I'll set up a poll once I get a suggestion or two more.

      Time. Such a precious substance, and one we unfortunately have so little of.

      Does the 17th sound good for your review?

      And feel free to steal. I'm actually stealing a lot of mine from Jaye L. Knight.

  3. I can't wait to read all of the other posts in the tour, and post my own blog tour post. Also, it's pretty awesome that you have a bunch of IRL editors and beta readers.


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