Thursday, January 15, 2015

King Arthur (2004)

I like two different types of Arthurian retellings - the unexpected ones with great twists, or the ones that are at least historically plausible.

Today, I'm sharing a historically plausible.

Set at the fall of the Roman empire, this story doesn't particularly feel like Arthur, but it has the round table, it has a Merlin (who is a druid), it has a Guinevere, it has the proper array of knights, and most important, it has Arthur himself.

I like how they handled the Lancelot issue. If I remember right, it was there, but pre-marriage to Arthur, and all that. So, overall, a good movie, and though it can be crude and violent, it is pretty historically accurate.

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  1. I quite enjoyed this movie. Possibly my favorite retelling of all time of the Arthur story is Stephen R. Lawhead's "The Pendragon Cycle." Though, I have to admit, the BBC's "Merlin" is a close second. However, I have not finished the show yet, because it's one of those series where I'm a bit afraid of how it's going to end...

    1. I need to watch Merlin. I've only ever seen ... half an episode. I was in a roleplay with a girl who was a big fan of the series and used its Arthur as her character ... and it was interesting. My character would dump buckets of water on his head.


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