Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Last Son of Camelot

First of all, I now have a blog tour schedule up on sign-up page!! There are still slots open, I would especially love a review or two more, and there are a few items that may be subject to change, but for now, I really like it. 

Now, onto the feature.

Today I'm sharing a self-published book that I read about three years ago but never got around to reviewing.

I won't call this the best Arthurian retelling I've ever read, but it was certainly one of the most intriguing. The premise was that a boy discovers that he is directly descended from King Arthur, and that his mother was (if I remember right), the Lady of the Lake. He also has some really interesting powers and there are monsters on his trail (a bit Percy Jackson-like)

Oh, and did I mention that Merlin's the villain? Yeah, he and Mordred have teamed up and all that, and are intent on making the lives of Arthur's (other) descendants miserable.

So it's a really good concept, but unfortunately, it didn't completely carry through. Quite a bit of clunky description, overuse of drama, and poorly carried out plot twists. I don't regret reading the story, and I'm looking forward to the sequel if it ever gets written (glares at amazon) but I don't foresee myself rereading it any time soon. 

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  1. Oooo, Merlin as a bad guy! That's interesting.

    1. Indeed. It was VERY interesting. The whole book was the definition of interesting. But it could also get very weird, too.

  2. Hi Kendra,

    Thank you for your honest review. There were a lot of things with the first book that I wish I could do over (i.e. picking a better editor). I am ensuring that the same mistake is not being made with the next set of books. I apologize for the delay on the second book. I went through a very personal tragedy and had to re-prioritize on a few things. The second book will be released this year and I promise you you will discover that the direction, pace and storytelling is much better than the first.


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