Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Of Books, Bucket Lists, and Dinner Parties.

Over at The Book Chewers, they're holding weekly book-themed linkups.  Now I wasn't able to get last week's done last week, but I asked nicely, and they told me that I could do it this week instead. And I'm also doing this week's because it looks fun, too.

The theme of last week's was the impossible bucket list. Basically, a list of literary-themed things that you would like to do, but probably never will. (Please note, I read a lot of obscure books, so if you have questions pertaining to the origins of some of these, do ask and I will tell you where they came from)

1. Find Narnia at the back of my closet. (It will likely be the one where I keep my scarf collection, since my other closet isn't walk-in-able.)
2. Build a spaceship and fly to the Mushroom Planet
3. Fly with air-pirates over the Deepwoods.
4. Visit Castle Roogna
5. Understand the Starlight Barking.
6. Ride a dragon with Billy and Bonnie.
7. Read one of the books that Willow wrote
8. Fall into Underland and ride a giant bat
9. Discover my Savvy.
10. Get past the Good Magician Humphrey's challenges and ask him a question. 
11. Help Druet discover the Heart of Acrea.
12. Shoot Susan's bow.
13. Be adopted by Banderbears
14. Listen to Saaski play the bagpipes.
15. Discover the crown jewels with Maria
16. Dance with the fauns in Narnia
17. Talk with Ents. (They'll probably think me hasty, but ... oh, well.)
18. Watch a pfifltriggi work with metals on Malacandria
19. Be given the ability to speak with unicorns in Luster.
20. Travel with the Dragon and dwarf to unenchant the frog prince. 
21. Be caught by a Fairy Tale in the Wild.
22. Travel on a giant peach.
23. Find the Castle in the Attic
24. Visit Elimar with Makilien
25. Live with wolves with Julie.
26. Tour Paris with Madeline
27. Wash windows with the giraffe, the pelican and the monkey. 
28. Listen to the Oompa-loompa sing.
29. Watch Charlotte weave her web.
30. Conquer my fears in Chanticleer.
31. Debate with MacPhee
32. Fly on the Back of the Northwind.
33. Listen to the cricket sing
34. Fly to Neverland and visit Pixie Hollow
35. Attend the Princess School
36. Charm ogres with Ella and Charm.
37. Try to pass the Princess Test
38. Survive the fire swamp with Wesley and Buttercup
39. Travel with Dorothy, the Tin Woodman, the Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion.
40. Confuse Trolls with Bilbo
41. Make wishes with the Tsamiad (It's mispelled ... )
42. Fly on the magic carpet with the Phoenix
43. Travel with the Magic Tollbooth
44. Purify the Cove with Destiny and Jake.
45. Visit Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Upsidedown House.
46. Defy gravity with Claidi
47. Travel in the Glass Elevator
48. Read the Neverending Story.
49. Have a fairy touch me and become visible. (And watch her change her clothing!)
50. Call Captain Hook a codfish. Not very nice, I know, but he deserves it.
51. Ride in Captain Hogan's Submarine
52. Protect Prince Lachlan
53. Ride in the Magic Tree House
54. Go on an adventure with the Sage.
55. Wield a sword of Xiagaria
56. Save the world with logic.
57. Solve crime with Sherlock
58. Trick the Gnome King
59. Climb the mountain with Rowan of Rin.
60. Argue with Quint
61. Watch William Tell shoot his Arrow.
62. See the Everburn.
63. Solve mysteries with the Boxcar Children
64. Visit the paradise of Perelandra

And ... I could go on, I really could, but I shall stop there and to on to do this week's challenge. The Dinner party!

1. What are we eating?

Pancakes (From Nate the Great)

2. Who's cooking?

Nate's mother.

3. Who's funding this dinner party?!

Pippi Longstockings!

4. Invite a villain. (Be careful.)

Count Rosencross from the Peleg Chronicles

5. Who's likely to make a scene if the food is late?

The Lost Boys, led by Peter Pan. Let's just say, once they get bored, no one else will be.

6. Party feels a bit tense. Who's the comedic relief?

Walter from Dragons in our Midst. He'll come up with some sort of joke, probably having to do with Dragons and/or Excalibur. 

7. Someone's monopolising the conversation. Who's the hero at this dinner party?

The Sage from The Princess and the Sage. He's talking around everyone's heads and confusing everyone. 

8. Who wishes they weren't there?

The Princess from the above.

9. Who's the couple more interested in each other's gorgeous eyes then the food?

Caspian and Ramadu's daughter from Narnia.

10. Aw, someone's pet is eating food off the guests' plates. What's the creature and who's the owner?

That would be Andromeda's cat, Pickles, from Andromeda's Moon.


  1. Wow, that's quite a list. Longest one we've had, I think! I particularly like the sound of 26 and 45. I've always been fascinated by Mrs. Piggle Wiggle's house.

    Thanks for linking up! :)

  2. Definitely touring Paris with Madeleine!

  3. Hehe. Good choice there with Prince Caspian and Ramandu's daughter. Totally. :)


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