Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Actually Finishing Something in July 2.4

And it is time for Actually Finishing Something in July once again. 

How goes progress?

Ehhh ... Not so good. I've been working on a lot of non-writing related projects this week and when I do pull up a word document, I spend way too much time just staring at it blankly. Haven't found notebooks terribly inspiring either. I did get my friend's book edited finally, and sent to her, though. Oh, and Gma gave me some more edits on Sunday and I've added them in. 
And I did finish and send chapter three of Worth of a King to Jack.

Snippet-time! Share a snip or two from your weekly writing.

Due to the fact that I wrote very little in the last week, this is very hard. But let's see what I can do ... 

 Doranna soon found herself in the garden, book in hand, as she watched for any prince to come and try his luck at rescuing her from her enchantment. One was making the attempt. He still at the gate, but hadn't given up yet … so she supposed there was hope.
Boredly, she allowed herself to examine the prince between fleeting glances from her book, knowing that he was doing the same to her. Being a magic mountain, she could see anything at the bottom just as clearly as the book in her hands. He could do the same for her.
He was a handsome young man, she had to admit, as far as princes went. His brown hair was almost black with sweat, and his muscles bulged as he attempted to lift the gate. When their eyes met for a moment, she noticed that his were a rich chocolate brown. She didn't recognize the colors he wore as belonging to any country she knew, but … he had been so long, it could be a completely new country.

But it really didn't matter what he looked like. What mattered was whether or not he could get past the three challenges that Malina had set in the path. For the three thousand five hundred and forty-seventh time, she wished that the challenges weren't nearly so impossible, but she quickly reminded herself to be thankful that they were there at all.
- Woodcutter Quince.

 "I don't think that Delaney will be a bad husband," said Obsidia, slowly. "He is King Ossian's heir, and I am my father's only child. We will keep the royal line intact this way."
"But not through the line of a son," said Queen Adelaide. "It will be considered Ossian's line from now on, even though your blood attempts to purify it."
"It is not my fault that I was born a daughter," Obsidia pointed out.
Queen Adelaide turned her daughter a long, hard stare. "Had you been born a son, King Ossian would have had you killed. It did not surprise me that he chose his son to marry you. I suspected it from the day you were born."
Obsidia tensed for a moment, then shook it off. "But that is how things are done in Dialcia. We shouldn't question them."
- Worth of a King

Instead my thoughts returned to the two friends I had left onshore. It didn’t feel right to run off and have an adventure without them. I should have had them by my side, Chris to protect us, Tisha to …
Tisha to laugh with, talk with, share all my darkest secrets and deepest fears with.
I almost let go of Mynna’s hand at that thought. Was I really thinking of Tisha as my friend? Tisha? My bitter rival and unwanted sister?
I forced the questioning thoughts aside. Tisha was my friend. My imaginary friend, strange though that idea was. It wasn’t her fault that she was more beautiful than I … it was mine.

I was the one who had come up with her. I was the one who had made her beautiful. Long blond hair, blue eyes, and a perfect singing voice were all my idea. I had been jealous of my own imaginary friend. It was ridiculous.
- The Ankulen

Do you have a Pinterest inspiration board, or other
collection of images, that inspire your story? If so, share one or two of them with us.

I love my pinterest board, and of course I'll share a few pictures!

Via Pinterest
For The Ankulen. Reminds me of the Polystoikhedron.
Via Pinterest
For Worth of a King, The twins' royal parents before they were born and the father assassinated.
For some odd reason, this picture makes me teary. Those two are so obviously in love and yet I know ... he's going to DIE!!!! And you can tell from the snippet what it's done to her. She's such a bitter character to work with.
Via Pinterest.
For "Woodcutter Quince." No explanation necessary.

How would the main character of your story react if he or she were introduced to you?

Well, Jen, the main character of The Ankulen, has already met me. Frequently - we go to church together and I give her writing tips and am getting the book published for her. She has no idea that she's actually a figment of my imagination, though.

If Obsidia, my MC of Worth of a King, were to be introduced to me, I think she would be a bit condescending. She's a princess, after all. She has better things to do than associate with peasants ... such as read. Wait, Kendra - you write books? May I read them?

And if Casperl were to meet me, he would act all shy and gentleman-like, and we'd part with barely ten words said between them, since I can't talk to anyone until the conversation is started.

Introduce us to one or two of the secondary characters in your story. 

Since I've introduced you to most of my Ankulen cast already, and I don't have authorization from Jack to do a character reveal for Worth of a King, I shall have to do one from "Woodcutter Quince"

Ehh ... let's see. Oh! How about Casperl's mother?

Casperl's mother (who is unnamed, though I know the names of both of her siblings ...) lives in the middle of Black Forest with her husband, a woodcutter. And, while Black Forest is a spooky place and not many people live there willingly, it's not her location that grieves her - she loves her husband enough to live anywhere he does - it's the fact that she and her husband have no children. So, when her brother shows up on her doorstep with a child for her to raise ... well, it's an answer to her prayers!

If one of your characters (you choose who) were allowed to choose a super-power, which power would he or she most desire? 

I just asked Derek from The Ankulen, and he says he wants the power of reading. I'm not sure what he means by that.

We're nearing the end of this summer challenge! Is the completion of your goal in sight?

Well, The Ankulen is shaping up nicely, and I now have everything I need for the cover (I just need to build it) so it's on schedule for its release. Other stuff ... well, I don't think "Woodcutter Quince" will be done, Casperl's only three at the moment. He won't rescue Doranna until he's twenty-four! (And I have just revealed his age during the events of Sew, Take, and Kingdom.)


  1. I liked the snippets, especially the woodcutter one. That one sounds like a fun story.

    I hope you are able to get caught up on your writing goal. I admire you for sticking at it, writing goals seem so much harder in the summer. (And I liked your chapter for Worth. A lot. I feel bad for the queen though.)
    Speaking of Worth and character reveals, do you want to do one? I could do one at the same time and we could link to each other.

  2. Hmmm.... The power of reading. Intriguing. Also, I enjoyed the snippet from Worth of a King! I am looking forward to that book.


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