Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Actually Finishing Something In July 2.2

Okay, Katie has issued the second round of questions for the second week of this lovely July challenge. Let's see how I'm doing.

Week Two Questions
1) How time flies! Did you reach your weekly goal?

I really didn't have a goal, but I do have the book mostly formatted, sent to one of my editors (would have given it to the second, but Gma wasn't at church Sunday, and she asked for it to be given on a key), and the bracelet painted and all prettied up. I now need to hunt down a girl with a freckled arm to pose with it.

2) Is this challenge pushing and encouraging you to write more often?

I guess so.

3) Did you accomplish most of your writing in the morning, afternoon, evening, or at random intervals during your busy day (i.e. waiting for your neighbors to go inside so you can jump on the trampoline without disturbing them)?

Eh ... I write whenever I have a computer, but I do some of my best writing after everyone else has vacated the house at night. (we live in two trailers, and while most of the bedrooms are on one, mine is in the one where we do school.)

4) Any particular musical tracks inspiring your prose?

Can't say precisely yea or nay, but I've been listening to some music. Mostly Songs from a Broken Heart, Mozart, and my Isaac's CD. Mom recently put a bunch of songs on Andrea Android, and they've been listening to them, too.

5) Share a snippet (or two) of your writing!

  Megan, Derek and I sat in silence for some time, but I soon became restless and started pacing. Around and around I went, back and forth and even upside down.
  “Can't you just sit still?” Derek was at last compelled to complain.
  I stopped in my tracks and spun around to face him. “If I sit still, I start thinking, and I don't want to think right now.”

  I didn’t respond to that last bit, since I wasn’t sure I liked it. “I’m guessing that I had to use the Ankulen to make the two of you breath underwater?”
  “Yes, you did,” said Tisha. “Usually you would make us some sort of cake or fruit to eat that would give us the ability, though.”
  “Once it was seaweed,” Chris supplied. He made a face. “That was nasty.”
  “So I take it that I couldn’t do it now?”
  “Probably not,” answered Tisha, sighing.

6) Share your three favorite bits of dialogue.

Derek snorted and rolled his eyes. “That's what you keep saying. Hello Peter Pan. This isn't quite how I expected Neverland to look.”

I grinned. “Seeing as how Lady Jenifer doesn't have an evil twin sister, I would deem it safe to assume that I am she.”

 “Well, I was swimming with the mermaids. I was underwater. You get wet when you’re underwater.” (Jen)

7) How are you going to move forward in this challenge? Are you changing your word-count goal, or other such battle plans this week?

I've decided to add some Bookania to my schedule this month: Write Doranna and Casprel's short story. It's started, and I really like it so far. We'll see how it goes.

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Also, I just realized that the fourteenth is in four days, and one of the people who I agreed to edit asked for her edit by that day, so I need to crank down and get it done for her.

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  1. I think it's great that you are doing this challenge! That's great. It sounds like you have been getting some good things done in the past ten days. Good luck on finding your freckle-armed girl!

    O_O AHHHH! The fourteen is in four days? It is! Oh my word! Where is this year going??!??!


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