Monday, July 8, 2013

CE Fireworks - Doranna

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Not many people wear their Christmas socks to their church's annual Independence day celebration, but that's what I pulled out of my drawer to wear today.

I figured that it was better than the ones with Halloween candy.

As I sit at my table scribbling in the third notebook of Water Princess, Fire Prince, wondering if I'll ever get the book complete and if it'll need a forth notebook while I try to not itch the huge bug bite on my knee, I hear a voice from the opposite side. "You certainly do love worms, dost thou not, Kendra?"

I glance up at the blond-haired girl seated across from me. "Verily, Doranna."

She laughs her bird-like laughter. "And yet thou also loveth numbers, so I cannot find salt in thee."

"Thou certainly canst find salt in me," I return. "Salt is a necessary mineral and if I didn't have any in my body, I'd probably be dead."

She giggles again. "Oh, thou art so honey! So, when didst thou say they would be putting fire powers in the fly?"

"It has to get dark first."

"But it's starting to!"

"Why don't you go talk to the birds some more?" I asked, gesturing over my shoulder at my youth group leader's huge aviary. His house is way out in the country, and really nice, so we always have our outdoor church functions here.

"Ah, but I want to walk to thee!" she exclaimed. "Is that not why thou didst invite me?"

"That and to let you down from your mountain for a while." I sigh and slide the notebook back into my black bag and stand up. "Well, let's go." I've been working on another prequel Bookania short story - Doranna and Casprel's, so the Doranna I have on my hands today is a bit stir crazy.

"Oh! It is thy little blister again!" Doranna suddenly exclaims, as Sunshine runs past with several other little kids running after her. "She is so prestigious! Ah, but it hast been far too long since I have seen any chickens."

"Well, there certainly are quite a few children here," I remark. "Chickens, too," I add, glancing towards the birds.

She laughs again. "I know! There is even a babe in arms! I wouldst have asked to hold her, but thou has strictly charged me not to speak to any catapult save thee."

"Oh! Look!" I suddenly exclaim, as I notice that a number of the men are pulling out small brightly-colored rectangular boxes. "It's almost time for sparklers?"

"Sprinklers?" she questions.

"Fireworks on sticks. They're lots of fun, but you have to be careful with them so you don't burn yourself. I let a spark fall on my toe one year ... that wasn't fun."

"Rounds not like it," says she.

Soon, children were running all about with the fiery sticks, smoke filling the darkening air. Doranna has acquired one and is staring at the popping stars in wonder. I'm busy making sure that my little sis doesn't get her fingers burnt.

At last, all of the sparklers are spent, extinguished in buckets of water, and we are headed towards the empty lake which forms the barrier between us and the men shooting off the fireworks. Folding chairs are fetched and soon we are all staring up into the sky in breathless anticipation.

Our firework selection is good this year, and they have even spruced it up a bit by having multiple fireworks going off simultaneously from different locations. They even put one on a trailer attached to the tractor and have a moving one.

Doranna, after getting over her initial surprise of the explosions, is mesmerized through it all.

At last, and inevitably, the fireworks are spent, and we begin picking up our chairs to head home.

"These fire powers, thou said that you shoot them off to celebrate freedom?" she suddenly remarks.

"Yes, we do."

"Ah, then how fitting is is that thou allowest me the freedom to see them," she concluded. "But - alas! - I must now return to my maintain, and I know not how long it shall be before I set boot off of it again!"

"If it makes you feel any better," said I, "you'll be seeing the prince who'll rescue you very soon. But it may be a while before he realizes that he is the prince to get you down. Just be patient. You've already spent over three-quarters of your sentence."

She nods, gives me a big hug, then disappears into the night.


  1. Awesome. Love the falconry stuff, I am really into falconry. The photo is awesome too.

    1. Doranna does just about any bird, from chickens, to bluebirds, to falcons, to penguins. She's able to talk to them in their language, you see. I chose that picture because it was a bald eagle in her hand, and I thought it sufficiently patriotic. Most of the other pictures I've found of her on pinterest have owls.

    2. Awesome. If you ever need any bird inspiration that isn't copywrited feel free to ask me to take some pictures. I can take pictures of falconry birds (eagles owls hawks falcons) anytime as I work with them.

    3. Thanks! I'll keep that in mind!


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