Friday, May 17, 2013

Several really cool announcements!

Today I am going to make a few announcements. I know that my last post was an announcement post too ... but, I have more lovely announcements!

1. This is the 400th post on Knitted by God's Plan. Wow ... Excuse me a moment while I get all teary and all that ...

2. I wrote the ending words of The Ankulen into the notebook yesterday. Oh! That ending! Please excuse me again while I get all teary ...

Okay, not really. I don't get teary unless it's the ending of Les Miserables (sp?) which I watched for the first time the other night. Wow. What an ending.

But still, I did finish the second draft of The Ankulen. Now to just get the last 20,000 words or so typed up into the computer before the first of June so that I can get it sent off to some critiquers.

3. (Drumroll please ...)

I now have the go ahead to reveal the big Secret Project I've been hinting about.

It is called ...

The Worth of a King

What's so special about it? Well, you see, it isn't just my book. I'm coauthoring it with Miss Jack Lewis Baillot, author of Haphazardly Implausible - which I really need to review over at O.Scarlett ...

You see, we were talking about our strengths and weaknesses as authors, and we discovered that she writes boys very well, and I write girls. "We should write something together" said I. "That's a good idea!" said she. And so we started plotting.

The Worth of a King is about a pair of twins who were separated at birth. I'm writing the girl, Jack is writing the boy. It's going to be full of family and fun and political intrigue. My favorite part is that it's going to take place in a hollow sphere world - which is something that I've wanted to write about for a long time. 

We have a pinboard that you can look at to see some of our visual inspiration. (Although I'm the only one who's actually pinned ...)

It's going to be fun! 

And don't forget to participate in Bookania Day! Robin and Robert are anticipating your interviews!


  1. Happy 400th post! Mine 300th is coming up in, like, five posts I think.... Anyway, exciting!
    Hurray on finishing your second draft on The Ankulen! Yayyy!
    And, as I said on Jack's blog, COOL about the collab! I look forwards to more news and - eventually - the book. Mwahahahaa... hoard all the books... mwahahaaa...

  2. Oh, a co-authored book sounds neat. So much looking forward to Bookania Day! I'm about 60% through Sew: It's a Quest and really loving it at the moment. Robert is my favorite character so far

  3. 400!!!! Congratulations!!!!

    And congratulations on the ending of Ankulen. (I still have it on my computer and will be reading it soon and sending you my thoughts.)

    Les Miserables! I still haven't see the movie yet, but I plan to in the next week. I can't wait!!!

    The Worth of a King sounds very intriguing and exciting!!! I'm looking forward to hearing more about it.

    I do plan on participating in Bookania Day. I just have a few things I have to finish before I can prepare questions and all that.

  4. 400 posts, eh? You need chocolate, or something.


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