Sunday, May 5, 2013

Get your Novel Critiqued in June!

I'm just stopping by to tell you about two really good novel critique swaps in the month of June!

1. NaNoCritMo
NaNoCritMo is a trial run of something that will be, hopefully, something bigger in September. It is run by Lily J. an aspiring author who reviewed Sew a few months ago. The sign-up list is pretty thorough and simple to navigate. You can have up to four people critique your novel through this. (However, the flip side is that you'll have to critique a book for every critique that is made of yours) The deadline for sign-up is the 7th.

2. The June Crusade
Writer's Unite

From what I've heard, last year the June Crusade was basically NaNo in June, this year, she had decided to think a bit outside of the box. It is run by Anne-girl, and the sign-up is shooting her an email with the proper information in it. You'll only get one critique here, but she will require that you comment on other people's blogs, and guest post twice on the blog of the person you critique. (The flip side is that you get more comments and two guest posts on your blog.) The sign-up deadline is the 20th.

So, think it over, and join in if you can. I've signed up for both, and will receive three critiques for The Ankulen. Since I so far only have about 29,000 words typed up, I'll be having a personal NaNoTyMo until then. (And it's proving to be a 70,000+ word book. Wish me - and my fingers - good luck. And watch for my CE tomorrow - I have good news to share. Oh, and a very silly hairstyle ...)

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