Monday, May 13, 2013

N - No Color

Via Pinterest (She just need glasses and
her hair pulled back in a ponytail.)
N - No color

Last week I either
a) Forgot that I hadn't done "n"
b) Forgot the "n" precedes "o" in the alphabet.
c) Decided to rearrange the alphabet to suit my own whim.

I'll let you decide.

N is for no color. That's what it's like when Jen finally finds her missing imagination. Gray. The dead grass is gray. The cloudy sky is gray. The water, the dirt, everything. Gray. Even her friends are gray.

You see, when she was seven, she learned that color came from light ... and decided to take it a step further. In order for something to have color, it must have come in contact with colored light. The color lasts for about twenty-four hours.

In the caves, light is provided by either glowbeetles, which give a bluish-green light, or by luminous gems, which can be any color. Therefore, everything is one color.

Above ground, light is provided by the sun ... and turned into color every morning as it passed by the rainbow, which is a permanent feature in the eastern sky. Let's just say that sunrises in Jen's imagination put ours to shame.

However, the rainbow was one of the first things to be eaten. There's color underground ... but that's the only place.

In the first draft, Jen retained her color when she entered her world. But I later discovered that I wanted her to be able to blend in with her people, so, in draft two, not only is she gray, she's the grayest thing there is.


Oh, and stay tuned tomorrow for a big, huge Bookanian-themed announcement!

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