Friday, April 19, 2013

Take Out!!!

Believe it or not, folks, even though I love Chinese food, I don't get take out very often. In fact, almost never. It probably has something to do with the fact we live out in the country, and it just isn't practical to get take out.

On another note, I clicked the the "publish" button on the Kindle version of Do You Take This Quest? last night, and, hopefully it should be available by the time you see this post.

Here's a link:

I do not have the print version ready yet, partly because I'm having PDF issues, partly because I don't have a full cover yet ... and partly because I want to do a bit more polishing before I release books that will be set in stone forever.

(And if you catch an error or three in Take that you want me to fix, send it to me, my email's on my FAQ's. I'll send you a treat in return.)

Of course, that's hardly important. What ya'll are all itching to hear is the title for book three. I posted a contest to see if anyone could guess it ... and there were two entries:

Hmm, my guess is: This Was a Quest! from Julius Caesar - Miss Melody Muffin

and ....

Pray tell, is the title, "My Kingdom for a Quest?" This would correspond with the quote from Richard III - Kathryn.

So ... what's the title? Who get's to take home the bacon????

And the winner is ... KATHRYN!!!!

Just email me (my address in on my FAQ's page) and we will discus getting your eggs and bacon to you!

Oh, and Melody - Your guess happened to fit one of the future books that had been wandering around namelessly in my head for far too long (Which, oddly enough, I've written quite a bit on). So, if you'll email me too, I'll send you once slice of bacon and one egg, if thou'lt like.

And now ... I bid all of the adieu while I go edit a book for Jack and buy myself a computer.


  1. Three cheers for Kendra!!!! Take is out!!!

    Great title for #3!

    And, I have at least two emails in my drafts I need to send you. Look for them within the next week.

  2. What kind of computer are you getting?

    LOVE the new title!!

    Again, SOOO sorry about the editing! I am doing my best to get back on it. I am really, really sorry I haven't done much.


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