Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Writing update

Well, here we come to the end of April, and thou art begging to know what I have done in way of writing. Actually, I think I had a rather successful month.

Do You Take This Quest? 
I published it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, the kindle version at least. I'm still polishing the print, and I think I need to reformat it ... (CreateSpace didn't like the initial PDF file I fed it back in December, and the problem it pointed out is a biggie ... so the print probably won't be out until I have my own computer). If there is anyone who has an emailed version and would like to read the scenes that have been added since then, please contact me. There was some info added that is very important to book 3. (Not terribly so, but you might miss out on some small plot hints)

And for some odd reason, my brain has been wanting to call it Dost Thou Take This Quest? of late ... Alas, it is too late to change the title.

The Ankulen:
I'm almost done with draft two ... even though I wanted it all done by the end of the month ... it didn't quite make it. Oh well. I've extended my deadline until Thursday, and I should make it, since all I'll have left are two wind-down chapters and the epilogue (I should have chapter 23 done by tonight ... and be done with the climax. I love the climax ... it's just exhausting.). I'm fully expecting 65,000 out of this book when all is said and done. As for entering it into the computer, I'm on chapter 11, and there are nearly 25,000 words, putting me right on schedule.

(Oh, and for the information of the person who asked, it is Le-ti-sha. Although, at one point I was trying to pronounce it Letty-tia ... then I remembered the ti makes a /sh/ sound in that setting so ...)

The New Division:
I've passed 10,000 words and the plot is beginning to warm up and I'm starting to know who my cast is. It's looking quite good ... and Coluna had turned out quite different from what I expected. I knew the Lilnia were smart ... but I hadn't realized their level of technology ...

Oh, well, it's fun.

My Kingdom for a Quest:
Eh ... not as much as I would like to admit. I'm sorry, there's this crazy dream sequence right in the middle that's important to the plot, but it just won't come. Not to mention the fact that I need to add at least one more chapter to before that, and decide which chapter 1 I'm going to use ...

Yes, it has issues.

Anything else?
Well, I've pulled up a few of my other documents and piddled around with them, but nothing really serious.

My Secret Project has actually been started, but I've only written about 200-300 words (and I don't feel like pulling it up to check for certain). We've boiled it down to about two chapters (I think) so it's just a matter of figuring out which one to use - and then I can announce what it is! (And who the other person in the "we" is)

I'm also considering adding to my WIP list (again). Two of the story-games that I did with my friend as a kid have been bothering me the last few days, and I think that, with a few tweaks, they might be quite intriguing.

One is about a sickly girl of about twelve who (whether it's dreams or not, she doesn't know) falls into another world whenever her health takes a turn for the worse. In this other world, she's the Eternal Queen, and she rules for about 40-50 years, has a near-death experience, and returns to her sickly existence in the real world.

The other is about a girl who, though she doesn't know it, is the princess of a place called the Isle of Refuge - what she does know is that the son of her Tante (The woman who raised her. Yes, I like German.) doesn't like her because she was raised better than he was.

They both need some serious plotting, but I think they both hold promise. Thy thoughts? I think I would entitle the second No Refuge for a Princess, but I'm still toying with titles for the first. Actually, there are more stories in my arsenal that I came up with in a story game (Mostly with my sister and her best friend. The two mentioned above were just me and the best friend. I don't know where V was at those times. Maybe playing with the goats.)

Speaking of my sister, she's doing much better now, and has been taking back over her chores. Unfortunately, because of legal issues, she isn't able to go back to the Horse Therapy place, so she's beginning to chomp at the bit.

As for my computer issues, there are two that I'm looking at at the moment, one I could buy now, the other I'll have the money for after Thursday. Since I probably won't have be able to get to town until after Thursday, I'm leaning towards the latter - there are some added goodies in the bundle (such as a wireless mouse and a 8 gigabyte flash drive). The other, according to my dad, is more like my old computer. Luckily, the two stores carrying the computers are near each other, so price comparing should be easy.


  1. Sounds like you got a lot done this month! Great job! And thanks for answering my question about Leticia. =)
    I'm glad your sister is doing a lot better!

  2. I feel like I've been away so long and am now completely lost. I need to figure out how to balance everything better.

    You've been busy!!! (P.S. I'll flip the coin tomorrow.) But it is nice it is all coming along. I hope you find a computer soon though.

    Also, I am glad your sister is doing better. Please let her know I'm praying for her.


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