Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday - My Mom

I have an AWESOME mom. All other moms PALE in comparison with mine. You see, for one thing, my mom homeschools me. Not all moms will do that. But my mom loves teaching, so she decided that, rather than teaching other people's children at some school, she'd teach her own at home.

Another thing, my mom OUGHT to be an author herself. She has a gift for storytelling, although she has never gotten any of her books to a publisher. (and the only one I have my hands on that I COULD get published isn't finished yet) Whenever I run myself intg a brick wall on one of my books, I bring it to her, and she USUALLY gets me straightened out. When she can't, it's usually because I haven't explained my problem right. She will be a published author soon, though, as soon as I can get the book I've cowritten with her finished and published.

Another great thing about my mom is that she can't cook. This means that, since I CAN cook, I get to cook. HAH!

There are so many other great things about my mom, and it'd fill several books if I had to write them all down, so, suffice to say, I have an AWESOME mom, and I'm thankful God gave her to me.

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