Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday - My Bike

I got my first bike when I was six. It was pink. I named it Kimberley after a friend I once had. I rode Kimberley for until I was about 10 or 12, when a neighbor of my Gpa's gifted me and my sister each with a new bike. Mine was red, and covered in black squiggly lines, which reminded me of spider webs, so I named it Spider. Unfortunately, it was already borderline too small for me. I wasn't going to complain, though, Spider was WAY bigger than Kimberley

I rode that bike until my aunt and uncle discovered that the bike they had just bought for their son (who was 8 years younger than me) was exactly like my bike except for the fact that his had handbrakes.

In other words, my bike was WAY too small for me.

They had also bought a bike for each of them, but, unfortunately, the bike they bought for my Aunt was a size too small. It fit me pretty good, though, so they asked if I wanted to buy it off of them. I managed to scrape enough money together (and my Gma and Gpa gave me what I couldn't scrape up) and was able to buy the bike.

It was a purple bike, my favorite color as well as my aunt's. I decided to name it Violet. I've been riding Violet ever since.

Unfortunately, some time last summer, the front tire went flat, so I was no longer able to ride.

Until last week. My uncle finally looked at it, and told me that I needed a new inner tube (or whatever the thing that goes inside a bike wheel is called). I gave him the money to buy a new one, and he fixed it for me, and now I can ride it again.

I'm so thankful for that, and for everyone else that has helped me keep riding a bike.

However, the thing is, it's been so long since I last rode ... I'm very sore today.

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