Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Christmas this Year

This is everything I got for Christmas this year. Thank-you everyone.

Thank-you Mrs. S. for the blue topaz bracelet, which I plan to wear this summer when I pull out my bluer wardrobe.

Thank-you Mystery person #1 for the colored pencils, embroidery projects, advent book, water bottle (which quickly replaced my last water bottle as my favorite) and green journal-type book.

Thank-you Ms. A for the necklace set with 12 interchangeable stones, which I've been wearing quite often. The amethyst and goldstone are my favorites.

Thank-you Mystery person #2 for the pop-up laundry hamper, colored pencils and yarn (which happened to be a type of yarn I'd been looking at buying soon for my Knitting Machine)

Thank-you Cousin T for the shirt and wash cloth which we tie-dyed, the dolphin paint thing, and the various candy. And the microscope and book which aren't in the picture because they were family gifts and I don't know where V. stashed them.

Thank-you Mom and Dad for the book on church history and the snowman nutcracker.

Thank-you Aunt K and Uncle S for the calligraphy ink (six colors - all pretty), blue dry-erase board, cupcake calender (which I want to eat, but is, unfortunately, paper), tic-tacs (my fave flavor), and various chocolates.

Thank you Uncle N and Aunt M for the gift card to Old Navy. (Which also missed the picture somehow)

Thank-you Uncle T and Aunt H for the Aloe Vera socks (which are SOOOOO soft), gel pens (36 of them - mostly sparkly and metallic. My old sets of gel pens were going dead - and these are so pretty!), colored pencils (two boxes - one box super nice which I'm going to LOVE coloring with), tic-tacs (four boxes!), and lap top case, (which is going to keep my computer so much safer from the elements).

Thank-you Gma and Gpa for the Lunch box (which had the pattern I had wanted!), purple purse of sorts, assorted beads and jewelry, and mind bender puzzles (some of which are going to take me a while).

Thank-you Aunt C and Uncle T for the purple giraffe shirt (that I've only taken off to change into pajamas at night and put on a dress on Sunday and so it could be washed yesterday), the giraffe glasses case (that's what I've been using it for, at least), earrings (three pairs - all so pretty), assorted snacks, colored pencils, knee-high funky socks (I'm wearing a pair right now!), nail polish, purple slippery spheres, and assorted beads and such (and a case to put them in!) for my Giraffe Crafts business.

Thank-you Uncle R. for the box of candy canes.

Thank-you Aunt R and Uncle P for the bottle cap necklace - It's so cute!

Thank you Papa and Mimi for the blanket (it has become one of my favorites on my bed), scrubby, books and colored pencils.

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