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Spring Snippets!

Oh, but it's been forever since I last shared a good snippet post. Sure, yes, I've slipped a snippet in here and there, and I did do the snippet tag, but I haven't had a good ol' snippet post.

Also, some of these snippets are for books that I haven't revealed the titles for yet, so to keep you guys on your toes, I'm not going to tell you what books these are from. They're largely from Rizkaland, but I have a number of my other works tossed in here as well.


  “Were you talking to Andrew again?” Rhoda continued. “Honestly, skipping class to talk to your boyfriend isn’t cool, Clara.”
  Clara shrugged. She couldn’t deny it. “He didn’t have time to talk.”
  “I should think not!” Rhoda cried. “Clara, maybe you don’t realize it, but Andrew has a lot of responsibilities to attend to – not only does he have to take care of his younger brothers, but he also manages his dad’s website and does his own school work on top of that. He can’t spend the whole day talking to you.”
  “Oh, hush,” said Kath. “They’re in love. It’s romantic.”
  “Oh yes, and the met all of two months ago,” Rhoda rolled her eyes again. “Now Clara’s a soppy fool who can’t breathe without calling him and is skipping classes. Hang on.” She paused and narrowed her eyes at Clara. “You’re not…”

She turned away. “Very well. It’s best that I show you, then. Just know that you won’t be able to get out of this. Although we could get a mental to wipe your mind, if we absolutely had to. I’d get punished for carelessness, but oh well.”
“Show me what?” William asked. “Wipe my mind?”
“It’s been done before, in rare circumstances,” Roxanne admitted. “Now don’t freak out. I’m going to take you to see my father. Best to ask his permission and all.”
And before he could say anything, she grabbed his wrist, and plunged them into the mountain. Not in the stone itself, like she usually traveled, but she created a small room, just big enough for the two of them, and moved it through. Didn’t want to overwhelm him too much.
“Dad’s in his lair, I can feel him,” Roxanne continued, trying to not focus on him. “One moment and here we are. Stay here while I have a word with him.”
She had bumped them into the hallway near where her father was, so she stepped through the wall, leaving William to panic all by himself.

  Laura gave a firm nod and threw the necklace to the ground.
  A bright light lit the night and the parking lot began to quake. The pavement split and from the earth sprang an ethereal woman. Twenty feet tall, and made of pure light. Her eyes were flaming balls of fire.
  "Hello, Mother," Laura said calmly, even as she tightened her grip on her staff.

One afternoon Alia turned from washing her hands to find Tante staring at her from the couch in the corner. Her eyes were wide open. 
“Alia,” she called softly. 
She approached immediately. 
“I’m dying.” Tante's words were soft. 
“No!” Alia stopped mid-cry, her lips pinching together tightly. She was not to disturb Tante or cause her to exert herself.

  “It isn't Rizkaland, you know," sobbed Clara. "It's you. We shan't meet you there. And how can we live, never meeting you?"
  "But you shall meet me, dear one," said Alphego.
  "Are -are you there too, Sir?" said Andrew.
  "I am," said Alphego. "But there I have another name. You must learn to know me by that name. This was the very reason why you were brought to Rizkaland, that by knowing me here for a little, you may know me better there.”

Robin shook even as she stared up the length of her sword, stared at the man at the other end. For the first time in ler life, she felt fear in a sword fight.
For the first time, she felt fear as she stared into those gray eyes. Eyes she knew so well.
"Eric," she whispered. "Eric, please."
He just blinked. "Who's Eric?"
And then his sword came crashing towards her.

  Reuben started walking, trusting her to follow. There was a room in her house that … while he wasn’t sure that it would prove that she remembered, he suspected that it could prove that she didn’t, if she didn’t. He hoped that she didn’t.
  It was a strange room. According to Laura, it was technically part of Rizkaland, even though it mostly functioned as though it were part of their own world. It was only visible to people who had been to Rizkaland and though he didn’t quite know how it worked, he suspected that if she had truly forgotten, she might not be able to see it.
  They reached it. He took a deep breath and turned back to face Petra. “Do you see it?”
  Her eyebrow arched. “See what?”
  He took a deep breath. “The door. The green one. The one right behind me.”
  “Reuben … there is no door behind you.”

He held her gaze steadily, trying to impart a feeling of hopefulness over the distance. Obsidia stood, lifting the heavy book from the desk, and crossed the study, taking a seat in the chair beside him. She heaved a big sigh.
“Have you found anything yet?”
Adrian sorrowfully shook his head. “I don’t think this book goes far enough back in our history to know if there’s a way around the tradition. How about you?”
“I’m too bogged down in rules and procedures. I never knew we had so many. The Court doesn’t follow the half of them. I keep hoping there’s something in here that will help, but I find nothing.”

She sounded so pitiful and forlorn. Adrian ached to take her into his arms and hold her tight, assure her that everything would be okay. But more than one thing forbade it.

  “Andrew, we … we need to talk.”
  Andrew turned to see Clara standing in the hall behind him. Her expression was tight. “Yes?”
  She took a deep breath and stepped towards him, taking his hand. “I've not told anyone else yet, but I … I think I’m pregnant.”
  He blinked, drawing back. “You…”
  She closed her eyes, leaning into him. “It’s yours, it has to be yours. I’ve not … you’re the only man I’ve ever…”
  “But I’ve … we’ve not … not since coming back.”
  “I know,” she whispered.

Also, how do you like my new cover for Sew, It's a Quest?
I'll be uploading it later next week. Thought it might need a new face now that it's a new edition.


  1. KENDRA. HELP. I CAN'T. Petra. Laura's mother. Clara. Andrew. What even. Memories. Pregnant. LAURA'S MOTHER. HELP.

    Also, I feel like pulling a quote directly from The Dawn Treader might violate something, possibly copyright, but I could be wrong.


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