Monday, April 3, 2017

Character Encounters - April 2017

Okay, first off, yes, Saturday's post was an April fools. There ARE accurate snippets in there, though, I won't say how many or how accurate, though. I will admit to stealing a quote from C.S. Lewis, as well as from Erika Mathew's Promise's Prayer, and a random snippet from Morgan that she'd sent me for me to read and give feedback on. I'm not saying which those were, though, and I don't think either had any spoilers in them. So ... yeah. Thank-you to both of them for being awesome sports.

Anywho, on to the theme of the post.

I told you guys that I'm going to get back into the swing of Character Encounters, so into the swing I'm getting. And I have a great location this time.

Under a Bridge

"Bridge" is open to interpretation. It can be an actual bridge over river, a fallen log across the creek in your back yard, or just an overpass along the highway. And YOU don't even have to be under that bridge. Just your character. Have fun!


  1. *Snicker* I should have known you wouldn't put a direct quote from Narnia in your own books.
    The others, though...well, we'll just have to wait till we've read the books to find out which were real and which were the April Fool's jokes.
    ...but I have to say, that last one has haunted me for two days. :-P

    Right. Time to put on the old Thinking Cap and see which of my Characters would most likely hang out under a bridge....

  2. That . . . makes much more sense. I don't think I saw the snippets until Sunday, so I didn't even register that some of them might be jokes.

  3. Though some might be jokes I admit I've really been wondering how the couples adjusted to being "pre-married" kids again in their own world, especially with Petra and Reuben's gift. Can't wait for the next Rizkaland book!


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