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Characters I'm Looking Forward to Writing About in the Future of Bookania

As you guys may know, I have a good twenty or so books planned for the Bookania Quests, with a slew of random ideas and plot swirling around beyond that point. Of course, while plots and ideas are great, much of what I'm looking forward to writing are the characters. I just thought I'd share with you some of the interesting people whose names you might seen floating around on my pinterest board. These characters are in no particular order.

Maryanne - Ah, you guys were expecting this one, weren't you? Robin and Eric's handful of an eldest daughter. I might have talked about her before. She might have also taken over my blog a few times. I'm excited for the procotious toddler of books 4-6, the adventuring expert of books 10-16, and the older, but wiser woman of books 19 onward, and you really should be too.

Alyson - She won't show up for a long time, though she will be mentioned in book 6, but she's still someone I'm looking forward to finally introducing when the time comes. She's a cross between Buttercup of Princess Bride and Atalanta of Greek mythology, a surprising combination that only I would have thought of. Her backstory is more like Buttercup's, involving the loss of her intended to pirates, but unlike Buttercup, she didn't sit around and mope, but opted to become Sworn instead. I'll explain the Sworn in probably book six, but that's where the Atalanta influence comes in.

Tom Thumb - So far, I only have him signed on for one book, but he'll probably show up again in later volumes as well. Along with Thumbelina. I have an interesting reasoning for the two of them, but I can't tell you much.

Archibald XVII - He's a character I can't tell you much about, and he's only going to be in two books. He's actually from an alternate Bookania, and doesn't exist in the real Bookania.

Sandra Hood - Robin Hood and Maid Marian's youngest daughter. She's a few months older than Maryanne, and is one of Maryanne's Best Friends (Maryanne has a collection of Best Friends, by the way, including, but not limited to: Sandra, Jana, Love, and Spoiler. Well, her name isn't actually Spoiler, but I can't tell you what it really is). Sandra has a fear of wolves.

Love - She's one of Maryanne's cousins and, through no fault of her own, one of Maryanne's Best Friends. I say 'no fault of her own' because she's cursed with a personality opposite her name. Which makes things very interesting. I put her in a roleplay once and she spent almost the whole time in a poke war with a dragon.

Peter - Robin and Eric's son. Peter's a doctor and takes after his Uncle Robert in personality. Unlike Robert, however, he usually can be talked into adventures on the excuse of keeping the people he cares about safe. Such as his sister. Especially his sister. Some days he wonders why he bothers.

Bianca and Brianna - Robin and Eric's twins. They were actually the first children I develloped for the couple, by the way (Followed by Maryanne when I decided I wanted their first child to be a singleton girl, and then finally Peter when I decided I wanted them to have a son), and are based on a riddle.

Ella and Penny - Meg's younger sisters. I'm really looking forward to giving them a proper introduction to the series. Mostly I'm looking forward to the sisterly interplay between them and Meg. And Robin, who, as you guys may remember, adopted Meg as her honorarysister, and since she's going through a lot of the trouble to reunite the siblings, would be terribly upset if they left her out.

Rapunzel - I think most of you have guessed where she belongs in Bookania, though we still have a bit to go before I can introduce her. I have some pretty interesting twists planned for her, mostly involving the properties of the rapunzel plant, and I'm looking forward to writing her interactions with Robin. They're both ENFP's you see, but Robin's a jaded ENFP learning to come out of her shell, while Rapunzel's a naive ENFP who's learning that the world's not a nice place after all. Such fun.

Charlene - Yes, you will get to meet Queen Charlotte's sister - and actually in the near future as it's up for the next book. I'm really looking forward to Robin's ineractions with her energetic aunt ... and meeting a female cousin for the first time. (Because Charlene has a daughter, and thus far, Robin has only had Edward and Arthur for her cousins.)

Danidair - Danidair is a name I made up that means clever in a language I made up, so his (very original Fairy Godmother) gave him cleverness as his gift. Beyond that, I can't say anything, since he won't even be born until book 17.

Odette - She's in the realm of "this book's so far off, that it doesn't have a number yet," but her story is actually completely plotted, and it's kinda sad. I have a brilliant twist for (a) her prince and (b) how her curse works. And Doranna's involved, so that will be awesome.

Auralina - Aura is even further out than Odette, but she's also fairly well plotted. She's the Little Mermaid character and is the princess of Atlantis, but I've opted to go with a less traditional approach to things.

Wanda - She's Odette's aunt, and is leftover from a fanfiction sequel my friends and I wrote for Barbie of Swan Lake. Wanda, as her name suggests, is a wanderer. She also is a friend of Doranna's.

The Snow Queen - She's coming. She's deadly. She's dangerous.

All right, so I hope I've whetted your appetite enough that you'll be willing to hear that I'm going to focus on Bookania publications next year instead of Rizkaland stuff. If not, swing over to Anna's blog for an interview with Maryanne, and maybe that'll pique your interest even more.

And Free books!


  1. Yes you've whetted my interest!! I can hardly wait!

  2. Fascinating. You have managed to make me excited. And it's probably good for me to have to wait longer for more Rizkaland. I might be slightly obsessed with it.

  3. Yay for Bookania! I love the name Auralina.


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