Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Thingishness ... Oh, and a shiny sale!

Oh, hello internet, fancy meeting you here.

Just thought I'd pop in with something of an update. I'm currently at my Grandparents (finally) learning how to drive. It's been interesting. So far I've only driven over one curb and backed into one stump, so I think I'm doing pretty good.

I've been hard at work editing LDTD, and hope to send out part three to my beta readers either today or tomorrow. We'll see how it goes. This month I'm also going to make an effort to write an EXTREMELY rough draft of book three, because I need a rough draft to find out what the story's actually about. We'll see how that goes, too

I graduated last week! As in, I now have a highschool diploma. FINALLY!!! We had a ceremony at church and it was awesome. I do, technically, still have some science and history and the Research Paper still to do, and when I finish them, it'll raise my GPA, but now I have a shiny diploma that I can hang on my wall and I can stop answering "It's complicated" when people ask me if I'm still in school. #Awesomness.

And Now the Shiny Sale. Which I completely forgot about until just now.

Remember last year with the Read to Win thing where some authors and I all ran 99 cent sales over the course of the summer. Well, it's ba-ack!!! And this year, better than ever! Instead of just week per book, almost all of the books will be on sale for ALL of the summer. Can't beat that, can you?

Oh, wait! You CAN!!! If you review any of those books during the sale on Goodreads or on your blog, you can be entered to win a HUGE amazon gift card. Now you can't beat it.

Look at all those books that are on sale! Six of them I know for certain to be good. And LOOK WHAT MY BOOK IS!!! That's right folks! This summer, you can get WPFP for just 99 cents!!!, and we'll be posting group posts there over the summer. It's going to be Awesome. (And if you didn't read that in Rainbow Dash's voice ... Sorry, my sister loves he show.)


  1. Congratulations on graduating!!!

    I did read the last bit in Rainbow Dash's voice.... ;)

  2. Congratulations on graduating!!!! I'm so happy for you, Kendra! And good luck with the driving, too! Practice, practice, practice. The only way to get good at it is to do it a lot.

  3. That's awesome news! I like to draft the whole series before I start publishing the books so I have a good idea of where the story is going too :)

  4. Adding my congratulations on your graduation, m'dear! *Confetti* *High-five!*

    And best wishes on learning to drive. I admire your courage. ;-)

    Happy drafting with Rizkaland #3!


  5. AHHHH CONGRATS ON YOUR GRADUATION!!! That is so awesome well done!!! *flings confetti at you* And yay for learning to drive! In my state in Australia we have to get 120 hours up before we can take the test...sot hat's a lot of driving. xD I think I spent the first 30 hours crying hahha. Ahem. But it does make one a quite confident driver at the end. I hope your lessons go well! :D

  6. Congratulations on graduating high school! That's really amazing. (I'm a homeschool graduate myself, and always am excited to "meet" others -- whether in real life or on blogs!)


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