Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Someday I Shall Write an Actual Post ...

But today is not that day.


Oh, well, update posts are fun, too, right?

First of all, I had my first-ever podcast interview on Monday. It was awesome. I talked about my multiverse and how all my books are connected. You may find it interesting. Thank you very much, Daniel, for having me over.

For those of you coming here from the podcast about the giveaway, details are on this post. Basically, volunteer to interview characters from Bookania, and you'll be entered to win a complete physical collection of my books. So far, I only have seven interviews lined up, and I'd like at least eleven. (One for each day, and the last day will hopefully be a cover reveal for LDTD, though that hasn't been set in stone yet.)

There's a secondary, lesser giveaway, too, details, again, on that post.

Editing has been going ... well. I sent off part 3 to my Beta's two weeks ago, though I haven't made much progress on part 4. I have however, been working on the rough draft of book 3, and having a lot of fun with that. How 'bout a snippet?


  They entered Mrs. Leodge’s office, and each took a seat.
  “You’re not in trouble, and I’m not upset with you, Clara,” said Mrs. Leodge, immediately. “I do understand what you’re going through, I’ve been there myself. But your defeatist attitude isn’t going to help you.”
   Clara leaned forward and rested her chin against her fist. “I can’t,” she whispered.
  “Clara, what did I just say?”
  “And maybe I don’t want to,” Clara added, looking up to glare at Mrs. Leodge. “Maybe I don’t want to teach myself how to do everything I forgot when I was busy being a wife, mother, and queen for twenty-five years.”
  “Because I had a life in Rizkaland, it was a good life, and now it’s gone.”
  “Exactly, it’s gone,” said Mrs. Leodge. “That life is gone, but you now have a chance to craft a new life for yourself here, one that could be a million times better, because you won’t have to make the same mistakes you did the last time. But it can also be a million times worse if you just waste it wishing for what you no longer have.”

   Clara dropped her gaze to her lap. “But right now, everything I had is gone and people expect me to pick up the pieces of a life I left behind twenty-five years ago. I thought it’d be fun at first, a fresh start. A life free from responsibility … but I want to go back.”


  1. Someday I will write an actual comment.

  2. Ah, thanks for the reminder about the interview... I shall get questions to you hopefully today or tomorrow. Summer (well, June, I guess Summer hasn't really started yet officially) has been crazy so far.

    That snippet! Ahhhh! Need to read all the books!


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