Saturday, May 7, 2016

Announcing another Party!

Update!!! Due to time constrictions and the fact that I'm also trying to get Lady Dragon, Tela Du ready for publication, I've decided to change some of the details of the party. 

Last Christmas, I had a party celebrating the ten years I'd been working on Rizkaland. This year, I'm going to celebrate the five years since I first published Sew, It's a Quest AND my seventh blogoversary.

Two years ago I celebrated these events with a celebration of ALL of my past writing, and it was glorious fun, to be certain. This year, however, I'm going to focus almost completely on Bookania. I do hope to put forth the cover reveal for LDTD during this week, but that shall probably be the only thing non-fairy tale,

So what all shall be happening? So glad you asked.

First of all, there will be a fan art/fan fiction contest. For now, it'll be one contest, but if I get at least three entries from unique people for each, I'll split it. No categories, but the prize will be a complete physical set of the three Bookanias. Not sure yet what will happen if I split it, because I'm not sure I can afford to send out two complete separate sets, but we'll see.

There will also be a separate fiction contest. Readers of Sew and WPFP might recognize the title Fairly Fun Short Stories, a hilarious anthology that both Robin and Clara encountered in their respective books. I'd like to see this book realized, so I'm asking for you guys to come up with the most hilarious pseudo-medieval tale of 1,000-5,000 words you can muster and send them to me. The five most hilarious tales will be packaged into a short anthology that I'll offer as a free PDF ... somewhere. I haven't quite figured this part out yet.

 Also, I'm going to hold character interviews during the party, and I'll need your help for this one. If you're willing to have any of the Bookanians over to your blog, shoot me an email at (This is also where you'll need to send your contest entries), with your three top preferences. Any character in Bookania is up for grabs, provided they have a name.

And, as always, I have my great giveaway. There will be three winners for this giveaway, all three winning Alpha reads: one will get to read The Quest for the Quince, book 3.5, the second will get to read A Lady Made, the prequel staring Maid Marian, and the third will get to read both stories.

How can you get entries? I'll make a list!

1. Comment on posts during the party - one point per comment. Multiple comments on the same post are permissible, but only if they're replying to someone else and/or. someone else comments between your posts. This will include the posts I put up during the party, any interview I hold on another blog, and any back post with the Bookania label, but only once the party starts. There will be other ways to cash in early though, such as -

2. Participate in the above contests. Anyone who enters any fanfiction, fanart, or an anthology entry will automatically gain five points.

3. Reviews of the Bookania Quests. Reviewing Sew or one of the short stories will earn you one point, Take will earn you two points, and Kingdom would give you three. This is because I REALLY need reviews for those last two, especially Kingdom. Also, as per usual, previously written reviews count, you have to email me links to said reviews to claim your points, and you can gain an extra point per each extra website you post the review on. (So, if you review Kingdom on Amazon, Goodreads, and your own blog, that's five points.)

4. Grab the image at the top of this post, stick it on your blog's sidebar, and link it to this post. Let me know you've done this, and I'll give you a point.

5. Write your own Fairy Tale Commentary. You know those posts that I turn up with ever so often where I take a fairy tale and add my own commentary to it? Well, if you want to try your hand at it, feel free to post one on your blog and I'll give you three points.

6. Add a pin to the group pin board. One point per picture you post on this board: If you aren't already a member of this board, message me on pinterest, and I'll add you.

7. Ask any Bookania character a question for a Q&A post (possibly posts if I get enough questions) that I WILL post during the party. (And I will NOT let blogger eat it this time). This is separate from the interviews, and you can ask the questions either by emailing me, or by posting your question on the appropriate character's thread in the Goodreads Group:

For now, I think that's everything, but if I come up with anything else I'll let you know.

During the party, I'm going to try to put up three fairy-tale-themed YouTube videos, which will hopefully be the start of a series. Look forward to that.

I'd also like to release a short story ... but truth is I'm not sure which one. I'd like to do both, but I don't know that I have time to write and polish both of them, and get LDTD into your hands in a timely fashion. So I'm going to let you guys vote. Do you want:

Gift Exchange. This is the story of Robin and Robert's eighteenth birthday. You know, the one that was their deadline to find their Fairy Godmother in that first book? I think it'd be rather fitting to celebrate the book's birthday by finally letting you know what happened on that particular birthday. I still have a couple thousand words to write, but I do have a cover art ... If I can figure out where I stashed it in my image files ...

or ...

Poison Kiss. Not technically part of the Bookania Quests, but it is part of the same world, my lean on this one is that it's rather an homage to what Sew, it's a Quest was. A retelling of Sleeping Beauty. With Puss in Boots thrown in. I only have maybe four or five short chapters left on this one, but I still need to come up with my cover art.

So leave your vote in a comment below. Also, let me know what sort of posts (besides the Q&A) that you'd like to see appear here on my blog during the party. (Character descriptions? Trips down memory lane? Trivia posts? Behind the Scenes stuff?) and I'll see what I can do. I've got twelve days of party to work around in.

Also, does anyone want to do a Facebook party? I can't promise any big prizes during it, we can have some good fun, I'm sure!


  1. This sounds like fun! Of course, internet parties always are. :)
    And I vote for Poison Kiss, please and thank you very much.

  2. Sounds fun! I need to read more of the Bookania books. I really enjoyed Sew!
    I think I'm voting for Poison Kiss because it sounds awesome. :)

  3. Poison Kiss, Facebook Party, everything sounds great.
    My mind is busy, I wan't to do everything. Well almost everything. I'm not sure I can write fan fiction and I can't draw well enough. Gideon might draw something, but he'd better not win 'cause you won't be sending the books to Australia and we've already got them at the library.

  4. Ooh, a party! Hurrah for Bookania, and congrats on seven years blogging! *Confetti*

    I'll see what I can do...sign me up for a Character Interview, at least. I'll let you know if I can do more....

    God bless, and Happy Writing,

  5. Sounds like fun! Your parties always are.
    I vote for the Gift Exchange.

  6. I Vote Gift exchange, I'm not ready to do any art for you right now.

  7. I wanna read Gift Exchange!!!!!!

  8. Gift Exchange ... you know, because I helped you come up with ideas. And they sounded so good.


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