Wednesday, August 26, 2015

WP,FP Countdown - 5

Just five days before the release of Water Princess, Fire Prince! Have you preordered your kindle copy yet?

Today I'm sharing some worldbuilding and a related video I filmed last year but didn't get around to posting. Enjoy!

Rizkaland is a cylindrical world, divided by seven mighty bodies of water, known as Riva, into six islands and the mainland. It has no magnetic field, so compass directions are referred to as up, down, ea and wea. Each of the six islands and including the mainland, run from the very top of the world to the bottom, though they differ greatly when it comes to widths. They are separated from each other by Rizkaland’s seven Riva.

As of the time of Water Princess, Fire Prince, many of the islands were still uninhabited. Of the inhabited islands, however, the most important was Klarand, with served as a barrier between Amber’s Island, and the mainland.

Klarand is divided naturally by mountains and forest into four sections. Upper Klarand is mountainous, and the inhabitants are predominately miners and soldiers by trade. Lower Klarand is predominately forests, and men there are hunters and tenders of animals. Both Ea and Wea Klarand are flatlands, and are populated with farmers. In its very center stands the Kastle, an impregnable fortress build directly into a mountain by Alphego himself.

The mainland of Rizkaland is the largest portion of land in this world. In its center stands Loray, a circular castle built around Alphego’s Hill, which is where Alphego stood to create this world.
The mainland is predominately farmland with scattered forests.

The desert island of Rintae was largely uninhabited at the time of Water Princess, Fire Prince, though a few nomadic tribes had wandered in through from other worlds.

Isle of Talking Beasts
The name of the Isle of Talking Beasts is a slight misnomer, as the only talking beasts that live there are the magnificent horses. It is a jungle island, thick with trees other vegetation.

The mountainous island of Chinok was uninhabited, and in truth, unnamed at the time of Water Princess, Fire Prince.

Literally translated as “narrow,” Silink is the narrowest island in Rizkaland, scarcely a mile at its widest. It is mostly sand, and is uninhabited.

Amber’s Island
Also known as the Isle of Banishment. Little is known about the geography of this island, for none who have step foot on this island have ever returned, save Amber and her husband Granite. There is a guise on this island where, should you step foot on it, you cannot leave again for another five hundred years. The people of Klarand and Rizkaland send people to this island as a form of capital punishment.


  1. Interesting pie can. One of the main things I learned was that I'm pronouncing things right. :) I was worried about Bookania, but it sounded like you said it just as I do. :)
    And the lid and underside of the pie can? The lake of fire is below, right?

    1. The Lake of Fire is below, Alphego's country is above.

  2. Isn't that can STILL on the shelf? Can we make it into Pumpkin Stew YET?

  3. If there's no magnetic field, how does gravity work?

    1. Quantum physics and the bending of the space-time continuum.

  4. Thanks for the visual aid! That helps a lot!

  5. "...about the width of this recipe."
    Love your scientific descriptions. :-P ;-)

    Thanks for sharing this video--it really helps us visualize this world.

    God bless, and happy writing,
    ~"Tom Wild Rose"~

    1. And "Oh look, it calls for evaporated milk!"

      Now I'm going to have to have a reference to pumpkin pie and evaporated milk somewhere in the series, and you guys will know where it comes from.

  6. The whole cylindrical world thing is really cool. And this helps with visualizing things. I admit I was kind of lost until this video. :)

  7. I just got around to watching this and realized I'm not very smart. Until I watched this i didn't know how you had named the Rivs. I told my brother and he said that he'd figured it out when I'd originally told him about them.


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