Thursday, August 27, 2015

WPFP Countdown - 4

Just four days before the release of Water Princess, Fire Prince! Have you preordered your kindle copy yet?

Today I'm sharing the cast list so you can get a brief overview of all of the major and most of the minor characters in the book.

Abraham: Lord of Lower Klarand
Alith (ah-LIHTH): Bookdaughter, advisor to the Wind Prince and Leaf Princess
Alphego (ahl-FAY-go): Creator and Keeper of Rizkaland and Klarand. He appears as a white lion, with the head and wings of an eagle. His body is covered with lamb’s wool and his head and wing’s with dove feathers, with rainbow feathers edging his wings.
Amber: The Lady Dragon, a terrible sorceress.
Andrew: The Fire Prince
Clara: The Water Princess
Dina (DEE-nah): Li’Daughter of Upper Klarand
Dular (DOO-lar): Alith’s husband, advisor to the Wind Prince and Leaf Princess
Erik: Lord of Upper Klarand
Essua (es-SOO-ah): Li’Daugher of Upper Klarand
Granite: Amber’s husband
Henre (ahn-RAY): Clara’s sword instructor
Jakob (JAH-kob): Lor’Son of Upper Klarand
Jasmine: Clara’s energetic young maid
Jill Anna: A seamstress
Josef: One of Abraham’s men
Karlos: Lord Abraham’s young son
Kiona: Queen of Rizkaland of the line of Violet
Laura: The Doorkeeper, a traveler between worlds
Leaf Princess: Sister of the Wind Prince
Martin: Clara’s martial arts instructor
Phillip: Bugslayer in the Kastle
Rhodan: The oldest of Abraham’s men
Rigel: Clara’s archery instructor
Roxanne: Lady of Upper Klarand
Sarai: Phillip’s wife and fellow Bugslayer
Stephan (STEP-han): King of Rizkaland, Kiona’s husband.
Tnika (tuh-NEE-kah): A Bookdaughter, successor to Alith as advisor
Tyrus: King of Rizkaland, of the line of Ralph
Wind Prince: Ruler of Klarand
Zimon: One of Abraham’s men


  1. *awkward pause* I always thought that Stephan would be pronounced like Stefan and Jakob would be pronounced like Jacob. Man. That crazy Rizkan spelling. My life has been a lie for an entire four months.

    1. Yeah, sometimes Rizkan spelling is crazy.

    2. Amanda, you're not alone. I LOVE pronunciation guides.


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