Friday, August 28, 2015

WPFP Countdown - 3

Just three days before the release of Water Princess, Fire Prince! Have you preordered your kindle copy yet?

Today I asked all of my beta readers to drop in with a word about how amazing Water Princess, Fire Prince is. Here is their response.

Disclaimer: No, I did not sneak into their houses and hold them at knife point until they gave me these, nor did I bribe with chocolate. There may have been bribes of spoilers involved, though.

"Water Princess, Fire Prince is an amazing journey into a fascinating new world. It contains the attributes of what creates an epic fantasy book: characters that are easy to connect with, sweet romance, adventure, breathtaking danger, exciting battles, and a touch of humor. I can't wait to dive into Rizkaland again in the next book!!!" -G. Paige (

"Water Princess, Fire Prince is an exciting, cliché-busting trip to a unique world. I thoroughly enjoyed Clara and Andrew's adventures and all the intriguing character relationships that developed. And upon reaching the last part of the story, the plot twists blew me away. When the moment of realization finally set in for me, I had to go back and read the beginning all over again now that I understood. This story is a cleverly plotted masterpiece." -- Amanda Fischer (

Andrew and Clara are pulled into a thrilling journey of danger, love, and war despite their own wishes. The task can only be accomplished together, if the pair can face the daunting task of working side by side. But here in Klarand, water and fire can truly mix.
-Hope Schmidt

Water Princess, Fire Prince absolutely blew me away. Everything about it was done ever so fantastically; from the worldbuilding to the characters, and the dialogue to the imagery, this book is exceptional. I fell in love, and I sincerely believe everyone else will too.
-Amanda Beguerie

The depth of Kendra’s years of work on Water Princess, Fire Prince shines through her characters. She has infused life and realistic personalities into Clara, Andrew, Laura, and their friends. The idea behind the masterfully-done plot touches a chord inside of us – the thrilling realm of speculative imagination that adulthood never truly loses. Pursuing this has yielded a rich and deep story that reveals the workings of God in the lives of those whom He has called.
- Erika Mathews, author of Promise’s Prayer

Two teenagers... dropped into a world as bizarre to them as Narnia must have been for the Pevensies... informed that not only are they required by ancient prophecy to save this world... but according to the prophecy they must also marry each other.  Andrew and Clara at first want nothing more than to escape Rizkaland and just go home; yet as time goes by, they find themselves becoming attached to this strange world... but what about each other?  A unique new reading adventure for readers who love clean Christian fantasy.

Water Princess, Fire Prince is author Ardnek's best book to date! The world she weaves is highly developed and entertainingly creative. Her characters develop along their adventure, and bring the reader along for the trek. You don't want to miss this story.

Phenomenal! There are few books I have enjoyed more that this. I can't really explain why. It is one of those stories that is so well interwoven that it is hard to separate the message from the story.
- Bria Snow

"Water Princess, Fire Prince is one of my new favorite books! I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys portal fantasy, with a unique world and cast of characters it's easy to fall in love with."
Sierra Blasko

Water Princess, Fire Prince is a fun and exciting new addition to the portal fantasy genre. Readers will thoroughly enjoy Kendra's worldbuilding and characters in this fascinating adventures. And for the fangirls, there's Clarand- 'nuff said.
-Sarah Taleweaver

Water Princess, Fire Prince is a fun venture into portal fantasy with unique worldbuilding, interesting and relatable characters, unexpected twists and turns, and an absolutely unforgettable adventure. This is a fantastic story. Kendra’s best so far.”
—Morgan Elizabeth Huneke, author of Time Captives


  1. I love how this all came together! Eep! Kendra, Kendra, Kendra, you did it. You made a masterpiece.

  2. I can confirm that the author did NOT make the two-day drive to my house to threaten this out of me. And I don't like chocolate. :)

    This is a fun collection!

  3. I love how mine and the first one sound so similar in the first sentence. :P

    And I assure everyone who reads this that there was no threatening involved whatsoever.

  4. Yes, there was no threatening involved. And the spoilers were very minimal, AHEM. I'd like some more.

    People, read this book.


    I wish I could have gushed more, but I guess that's what reviews are for.

  5. Ditto Amanda B. Our opinions are our own, and we need more spoilers!


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