Thursday, April 2, 2015

777 Challenge

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I've been kinda busy with my life. What time I've been able to spare from work has been given to editing Water Princess, Fire Prince and writing the sequel.

But I was tagged by Jenelle Schmidt and Robyn Hoode for the 777 Challenge, which basically means that one goes to the seventh page of their current WIP, counts down seven lines, and then posts the next seven.

Should be fun ... and I had intentions of sharing it from WP,FP, but when I looked it up, it proved to be something I think I've already shared ... so you guys are getting a snippet from book 2 instead.

  “Is – is she a friend of Laura’s?”
  The man considered a moment. “I don’t know that she is,” he admitted. “But there’s a lot about our mother’s past that we don’t know. She speaks of Laura as fact, though, where most others believe her to be only a story.”
  “Oh.” Petra didn’t like the thought of going alone with this strange man, but it wasn’t as though she knew anyone else here. “In that case, I’d love to meet your mother.”

And there you go. For a wee bit of context, Petra has just arrived in Rizkaland, and Laura (the Doorkeeper) has informed her that she needs to go talk to a friend of hers who would lead her to some answers. She has just met up with a young man who says that his mother may be able to help her. It was a fun scene to write.

Now, I'm also supposed to tag seven people ... but frankly, I believe that everyone know has already been tagged or even have already done this. So, if you haven't done this yet, and want to, consider yourself tagged. I don't know who you are, but I suspect you do. It's not a hard challenge. Have fun!


  1. It's really fun the tantalizing snippets I'm getting to read all over the blogosphere with this challenge!

  2. Sounds like an interesting snippet. (Just so you know, though, you used "meat" instead of "meet" in the last line.)

    1. Oh. So I did. Sorry, weird typos like to show up when I type up my notebook stories. I'll ... go fix that real quick.

  3. I'll consider myself tagged. No one has tagged me to my knowledge yet. :) Your snippet sounds interesting.

  4. Great snippet! I love the name Petra.

    1. I do too. She's not so keen on the name, but it suits her. It's been her name since I created her nearly ten years ago, so she can't change it now. She's a fun character to work with ... but also exhausting, because there are a lot of emotions involved with her.


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