Friday, April 3, 2015

Character Encounters - April 2015

Alrighty, I have finally determined where we will be encountering our characters this month. However, before I get around to telling you where this brilliant location is, I have a bit of an announcement.

I'm going to put Character Encounters on Hiatus.

My reason for this is two-fold: first, I'm not seeing a lot of participation. Maybe one or two people, and usually that's me. And while it is good character development, and I enjoy doing them, I don't see the point in creating the link-up if I'm the only one who's going to use it.

Second, I'm kinda running out of good ideas. I've come up with now 27 places so far, and while I know there are more locations available, my brain's empty.

So ... if you wish to protest my decision, you have two options. First, actually do a character encounter and link it below - prove to me that I'm not just doing this for my own creative exploration. Second, comment below with ideas for future encounter locations. I'm open to to pretty much anywhere (provided it's G rated - no bars, or other stuff like that, though I don't think any of you would want your characters there any more than I would), and if you want to see the locations I've already done, see the link in the previous paragraph.

Now, onto this month's Encounter Information. This month, you get to meet your characters ...

In Your Character's Own World

That's right folks, instead of bringing your character here for the encounter, you get to go to them. Sounds like fun, right? (And ... if you need help with world hopping, feel free to borrow Laura, she doesn't mind.)


  1. Hehe . . . I actually did that already, day before yesterday, in my actual novel. It's canon, even. :D And I'm going to do it again fairly soon. (The fourth wall, obviously, does not exist in my story. Well . . . it did. But then I deliberately shattered it into a million pieces. :D It was very fun.) If I posted one of those scenes on my blog, would that count for this link-up?

    1. Sure, go ahead and post it! As long as it involves you, your character, and the location I state, I'm pretty open to anything.

  2. Oh, cool! Great location. I'll see if I can actually get one written this time... I know I say that every month, but then life gets in the way.

  3. Gah, I'm sorry I haven't been able to participate more. I wanted to--I really did--but Life happened. :-P Maybe once the Easter busyness is over, and I get Part Two of my virtual tour of Longacre posted, I'll have more freedom to do this sort of thing....

    As for locations, I can think of several that would be fun to explore:

    *A wedding
    *A Christmas party (or any holiday party)
    *A dance/ball/whatever
    *By the river (or body of water near the writers' homes)
    *At the beach
    *In the attic, basement or storage shed
    *In the bookstore
    *At the mall (or wherever the writers like to do "fun shopping" ;-))
    *On an airplane
    *On a boat
    *On a train (in-the-rain-in-a-box-with-a-fox-here-or-there-anywhere! ...Just kidding)

    ...just to name a few. ;-)

    God bless, and happy (re)writing!

  4. Cool location! I've been wanting to do Character Encounters since I saw them a month or so ago, and my mom said I could set up a blog today, so I'll finally be able to! :0) Quick question, can it be me and someone else (not real people, "imaginary" :o) friends) that all get transported to the character's world?
    And hmm... Suggestions for future places... How about:
    ~At school
    ~At a friend's house
    ~At a summer camp
    ~At a performance of some sort (talent show, concert, sports game, dance recital, etc, where the writer is doing the performing)
    ~At a performance of some sort (where the writer isn't performing, they're just watching)
    ~At a movie theater
    Um... those are all the ones I can think of right now...

  5. I am definitely doing this this month! I just need to figure out which character. hmmm

    Ideas of locations:
    at a museum
    random stop on a road trip
    at one of those indoor trampoline parks
    at a playground
    at a restaurant
    in one of the author's OTHER fictional worlds, but not the character's own!
    in the TARDIS
    in the Star Wars universe
    somewhere on the Enterprise
    in Prydain
    In the Enchanted Forest

    I can come up with lots more :) but we'll start there.

  6. I've posted my Character Encounter! :)


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