Monday, March 30, 2015

Book Spotlight - Midnight Captive

And I am back, yet again, for a blog tour. Next month, I shall try to have some more interesting things to post - such as stuff about Rizkaland. I really need to post more about Rizkaland. You guys just aren't excited enough yet!

Anyways, the blog tour post thingie. I'm spotlighting a book most of you probably haven't heard of yet - but you need to, because this is the next new thing in Fairy Tale retellings, a brilliant blend of Sleeping Beauty, the Twelve Dancing Princesses, and the Pied Piper. After putting off reading it for a month (partially because of my computer troubles, partially because I've had some bad experiences with Sleeping Beauty retellings) but once I picked it up, I read it in three sittings - and I only put it down because I had to go to bed/get ready to go.

Hurry over to Amazon as FAST as you can and buy it - it's only $2.99

Phaedra is cursed to sleep until true love wakes her. Hermione has a dark secret. 

When Prince Sheridan discovers the two princesses wandering the woods outside the castle at night, he begins to wonder if there is more to Phaedra's curse than is readily apparent. 

With the help of a minstrel out to prove a point, they must discover the secret before the princesses are trapped forever in the night.

5-Star Review Excerpt:
"Truly a spellbinding tale. I cannot recommend it more, and look forward to any future books that E.D. Phillips may write." - By SilverRose on Amazon

Supposedly, the rest of the stops on the blog tour will be listed here, thought link wasn't live last night when I checked.

But, honestly, while this wasn't the BEST retelling I've ever read, it has earned first for Sleeping Beauty retellings. (Mostly because, as I mentioned already, I've had bad experience with Sleeping Beauty retellings.) I'll be posting my review later today, some time after I get home from work.


  1. I haven't heard of this, but I do love a blending of fairy tales! I've read many retellings of The Twelve Dancing Princesses, but I don't think I've read any of Sleeping Beauty or the Pied Piper. Now, how can that be?

    Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to your review.

    1. It's kind of a sequel to the Pied Piper, where said Piper decides to see what other mischief he can do, and curses the two most beautiful princesses in the land with curses that are a mixture of Sleeping Beauty (evident mostly in the elder sister), and the 12 Dancing. It was quite interesting


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