Monday, March 18, 2013

Taking Over the Keyboard.

Snippets time!!!! Again. Let's see what my brain managed to fling onto the computer in February. Don't forget that, if you want to participate, all you have to do is head over to Katie's Blog.

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  “Yes, their ears – they’re pointed, as if they’re fairies or elves or something.”
  “Elves and fairies don’t exist,” said Mrs. Arden, firmly.
  “Maybe they do, maybe they don’t,” commented Miss Pearstean. “All I know is what I see." 

- The New Division

Do you think it’s safe?” questioned Melisza.
“Is anywhere safe?” returned Tabetha.
- The New Division

  I hear that my sister is being all dramatic and all that up there, with the present tense and stuff like that. I’d like to have you know that I jumped off the board on purpose. V gets freaked out over the simplest things. And I’m still not sure how V thought she was going to rescue me from falling with a stick.
  Oh, well. Anyways, this is Kendra, and I’m taking over the keyboard.
  Where were we?
  Oh yes, jumping into the gully.
- Behind the Rainbow

  “No, I cannot say that I do,” she admitted. “But perhaps your Ankulen can answer that question.”
  I lifted my arm to look at the Ankulen. “How?” I asked, skeptical. Did the Ankulen talk? Just what I always wanted – a golden bracelet that flashes and talks.
- The Ankulen

But, V! I’m having fun! Hey – I can see houses from here!”
“Yup! Do you know what that means, dear sister?” I gave my sister a questioning look since I was, for that moment, on her eye level.
“That someone might see you acting crazy?”

“No! That people live here! Oh! I see mountains, too – far, far away – and a rainbow!”
- Behind the Rainbow

How do you know he’s a Harsha?” questioned Alistaar.
The man seemed taken aback. “His dark hair and skin are proof enough of his curse!” he spat.
“Curse!” exclaimed Jaqob, “what do you mean, curse?”
“All of the Harshia are cursed,” the man replied. “They love not Elonodi, and He loves not them." 
- The New Division

  “Huh.” I placed the spoon tentatively in my mouth. The flavor of the “mashed greenroot” was just on the sweet side of bland.  It wasn’t nasty … but it wasn’t amazingly good either. After a few more spoonfuls, I decided to examine my spoon instead. Eating something that I didn’t care for when I wasn’t hungry was a silly thing to do.
  The spoon was rather pretty.
- The Ankulen

Melisza’s pale blue eyes met those of her brother. “All right,” she said. “If you think we should.” Hand in hand, the Lilna twins stepped over the threshold into to the red world.
Tabetha and Jaqob gasped.
“What is it?” asked Melisza, a wave of panic washing over her.
“It’s … nothing …” said Tabetha. “Only … the orphanage just disappeared.”
- The New Division

Me? I was enjoying myself – hey, it isn’t every day you get to jump on a pillow the size of a house.
- Behind the Rainbow

We can’t be the only people like us in the world,” argued Jaqob. “Even I can figure that one out. We had parents once, didn’t we?”
“Once,” agreed Melisza. “But they abandoned us. They obviously didn’t want us, since they haven’t come back to get us either.”
“Maybe we were too strange for them,” said Tabetha. “Maybe they got rid of us because we were deformed …”
“Four of us on the same night?” Alistaar pointed out. “If it were only one of us – or perhaps one set of twins, it would have been plausible … but we Lilnas are obviously not related to you Harshas.”
“Two sets of twins cannot be coincidence,” said Melisza.
- The New Division

Oh, and today I'm being interviewed over at the Homeschooled Authors blog.


  1. Very nice interview. And cool snippets too! I love the title "The New Division."

  2. I like the snippets! Especially the ones from Behind the Rainbow, those were fun!


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