Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Writing Schedule for 2013

2013 is going to be, hopefully, a very busy year in the writing department. If all goes well, I plan to have four new books published. And, since one of my proposed progects is a collection of short stories, it will look like eight on my Amazon bookshelf.

So, here's my writing schedule. Whether or not I actually suceed in all of these is another story, but anyways ...

Apply edits petioned by editors and publish Do You Take This Quest?
Work on draft 2 of The Ankulen.
Write CinderEddy
Work on book 3

Finish draft 2 of The Ankulen
Write Unforgiven
Work on book 3

Begin the Formatted draft 3 of The Ankulen and start running it through my editors.
Write The Woodchopper Quince
Finish book 3

Continue work on The Ankulen.
Write Saffron's Even Bigger Plan.

Publish The Ankulen
Edit the short stories and begin their thek through my editors.

Edit short stories
Edit book 3.

Publish short stories
Format book 3 and begin its trek through editors

Edit book 3
Work on whatever I feel like working on.

See August

Publish book 3

November (NaNo):
Write either RPS, Silivock or book 4

Give my brain a break and make Cristmas preasents.

Of  course every bit of this may change, depending on how my nrain cooperates. However, if book 3 is not out by the end of October, I will stop work on it until January 2014. I'm not going to have a repeat of the Take drama. November is for NaNo and December will be my brain's vacation.

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  1. Sounds like you have a lot going on! Good for you! Also, taking time off through November and December is wise. I plan to do likewise. Editing, Christmas, and NaNo just don't work, same with publishing. Too much going on.

    Sounds like you had a very nice New Years Eve! That is good.

    Happy New Years to you!


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