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Unused Genius from No Longer a Dream

Before Robin and Robert were the main characters of Sew, It's a Quest, it was titled No Longer a Dream, and told from the POV of the recently-awakened Sleeping Beauty, hence the title No Longer a Dream. However, about 6,000 words in, I realized that I was going about the story all wrong and I had to switch gears and tell it from the POV of the twins.

Changing the POV, however, called for some changes in plot as well. It also prevented me from using some pretty juicy tidbits.

So, I've decided to give you some of those bits that didn't make their way into Sew, It's a Quest.

Warning: If you haven't read Sew, these may contain some spoilers.

“The Red Horse,” read Robert, “Sounds good enough.”
“It’s the only inn in this town,” said Robin, with an annoyed toss of her head, “It’s the only one we can sleep in.”
“I guess you’re right,” admitted Robert. Robin gave an exasperated sigh and marched into the inn. Robert shrugged.

“Apliton,” said Robin, “Didn’t you read the sign as we rode into town?”
“I did,” answered Rosamond, “But I do not know where Apliton is in comparison to other places.”
“Twenty miles south of Charsburg,” said Robin with a roll of her eyes.
“Where’s Charsburg?” asked Rosamond.
“Come on!” exclaimed Robin, “Everyone knows where Charsburg is! That’s where the great tournaments have been held for the past couple hundred years.”
“Oh, they changed the name,” said Rosamond, “It used to be know as Cocklesburry.”
“You’re weird,” said Robin, “Has anyone ever told you that?”
“It is quite likely,” said Rosamond.
“She is right, you know, it was called Cocklesburry until about fifty years ago,” said Robert, “Didn’t you pay attention in history?”
“Oh look,” said Robin, changing the subject, “The innkeeper’s no longer busy, I’ll be back.” 

All too soon it was over. The young man, who had been watching the match with the most bored look on his face, stood up and said, “Couldn’t resist rescuing a damsel in distress, could you, Robin?”
The lad sheathed his sword and turned to face the young man. Rosamond noticed with a start that the lad was actually a lass!
“A lily like her can’t save herself,” said Robin, rolling her eyes, “He’d have been spilling her guts out all over the place if I hadn’t of come along. Then we would have all the wolves for miles around coming here, just you wait and see.”
“It seems to me that that’s not going to happen,” said the young man, with a sigh that indicated that this was an old argument. It was obvious that they were brother and sister, for they looked so much alike.
“Besides,” said Robin, ignoring her brother and juggling a bag of money that she had picked up, “rooms and supper for tonight, and these fine horses to ride. Oh, and a nice, hot, bubble bath.”
“You’re such a girl,” said the young man with a smile and shake of his head.
“And you’re such a boy,” said Robin, with mock scorn, “Not understanding the importance of a nice, hot, bubble bath.”

“I don’t like my hair in my way if I get into a swordfight,” she explained, “Complicates things. Besides, if it’s up, my opponent doesn’t have the temptation to pull it.” After some thought, she added, “Or my brother.” When she had finished, she tossed Rosamond the brush saying, “Here, you look as through you need this.”

“Thou know,” said Rosamond, after a long period of silence, “I heard once that Prince Eric was the best swordsman in the world.”
“He’d like to be,” said Robin, with a roll of her eyes, “He sends me a challenge every six months or so. He’s good, I’ll admit. But he just doesn’t get that I have to be the best. It’s not an option.”
“He’s invited us to his wedding even,” added Robert.
“It seems to me as though he wants to be humiliated in front of his own bride,” said Robin with a shake of her head.

“What a group we are,” said Robin, “The best swordsman, the best seamstress, and the best dancer, who also can play any instrument perfectly, and doesn’t have rare beauty.”
“Yep,” agreed Robert, “that’s us in a nutshell.”
“Nutshell?” said Rosamond with a inquisitive look, “I do not think one of us would fit in a nutshell, let alone all of us.” 

Once upon a time there lived a king. And, although he was one of the most powerful kings in the land, and his wife was among the most beautiful, they were sad, for they had no children.
When, at last, they had a daughter, it was, indeed a cause for great rejoicing. Wanting only the best for her, they invited all seven of the land’s fairies to her christening. In they came, Fallona, in red; Malina, in orange; Drayana, in yellow; Lufawna, in green; Kriasta, in blue; Yifinna, in indigo; and Sayenda, in purple. They were given places of the highest honor, and golden plates and utensils. 

Some of this I was able to twist into something I could use for Sew, and other bits ... sigh. I especially wish I could have used the bubble bath one, but it just didn't work in.The Nutshell almost got used, but it would have been much later when they met Agatha, and the line would have gone to Doranna to be corrected by Rosamond.

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  1. LOVE the nutshell one!!! That is so funny and cute!!! I like the first title as well, though Sew is a brilliant title too.

    I am going to use the opinion of popcorn as a conversation starter from now on, just to see what people say.

    Howl's Castle movie is MUCh different then the book but both are wonderful and amazing and worth reading and watching.

    Hm...I think Merlin would like her dumping water on Arthur's head. (They are on Hulu...that is where I watch them. *Grin*)


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