Thursday, January 31, 2013

End of January Writing Update

End of January and the question of the hour is ... How am I doing with my writing?

Well ...

Do You Take This Quest?
Still don't have it out. It's quite likely that it will be my birthday party before it's ready. *is about to pull out all of my hair* My Mom's going through it right now ... and well ... there's a reason I save her for last. There are days when I wish my mom was one of those moms who think that every word I write is a drop of golden honey ...

Don't tell her I said that though ...

The Ankulen
I'm sitting at over 16,000 words and am about halfway through chapter 7 and there are 25 chapters planned.  I've typed/formatted the prologue and first two chapters, and the prologue and chapter 1 have been sent to my Gma for editing purposes. She says they're very interesting. I'm really enjoying rewriting this book (which is more than I can say about my Take experience)

I have discovered that typing on an Android is not a fun experience  I'm somewhere between a third to half-way done ... and not sure how to get moving again. Grrrr ....

Book 3:
Sorry, still haven't mustered the gumption to pull it up and work on it.

Anything else?

Well, I did pull up Water Princess, Fire Prince and decide that it's horrid and I need to start over for the eightieth time. Sigh. I love the story, I love the characters ... but getting it started. Grrr .... Once Clara and Andrew meet, the story flows fine ... but ... Jumprope! ... It just sounds choppy until then, since I have to go back and forth between Clara in the Upper Kastle, and Andrew who's with a hunting party.

Umm ... I worked a bit on Behind the Rainbow, which I'm co-authoring with my sister, V. I've actually written this story all the way out all by myself, but she says that I'm writing it all wrong and that we need to add Dazy. I told her that I would rather bring Elsie and Elise along for the ride. She gave me a Look and told me that she isn't bringing Three of me along for the ride. Oh, well. At least I get to jump on a giant pillow.

And ... I don't think I've worked on anything else.

Next Month (February)
I plan to:
Publish Do You Take This Quest?
Continue writing and typing The Ankulen
Finish writing CinderEddy
Start writing Unforgiven
And start writing The New Division for the 100 for 100 thing I've signed up for. I only have to write 100 -300 words on this a day, so ... we'll see how this goes.


  1. You're words may be honey, but they need to be refined and filtered ....

    And don't forget school and chores in between all that writing.

    1. This was a writing update, not a school update. I'm doing my school work, too, don't worry!

    2. As a lover of books, I'm eagerly awaiting the publication of 'Do You Take This Quest?'

      But as a mom,.... (to Miss Melody Muffin), I can appreciate the sentiments of the Mama Eagle. =D

  2. I taggedeth you!

  3. Ah, editing. The pleasure of making our creations better and the "oh, my gracious, will this never end!" My mom has to edit my book, too. :)

    ~Robyn Hoode


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