Monday, December 19, 2011

Memory Monday - Oooooh ... Ahhh ...

There once was a little girl - no older than four, and it was a tradition in her family that every year at Christmas they would all climb in the car and drive around and get lost while they looked at all the houses with all the pretty Christmas decor.

"OOOOHHH ..... AAAAHHHHH ...." They'd say, or if it where in a a spot with LOTS of houses it'd be "Ooah, ooah, ooah," really fast so they'd make sure that they oohed and ahhed at every house. Of course, they all knew that you weren't supposed to ooh and ahh at the traffic lights.

So when, this year, they were stopped at a traffic light and the little girl went ooh and ahh ... her parents thought she was oohing and ahhing at the traffic lights.

But she wasn't. She was oohing and ahhing at a house way off in the distance that she COULD see. Her parents didn't listen to her, but she knew - she KNEW she was oohing and ahhing at a house. To this day, she stands by that fact. Just ask her!

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