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Interview with Sarah Holman

AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! Just realized that I forgot to post this on the fourteenth! I am SO sorry, Sarah!

But, In my defense, last week was crazy, what with closing three nights and rearranging my room.

So I'm posting it now. (And, for the record, Sarah, if this ever happens again, don't be shy about messaging me and letting me know. If a post from me isn't up by four in the afternoon, unless it's a review, I likely forgot about it. Reviews are usually late evening.)

On to the interview! This is in honor of the release of her newest book, Dreams and Devotions, the fourth book in her Tales of Taelis series. A good series. I've read the first two books and I quite adore them.

1. Hello, Sarah! Can you tell me a bit about your book? Why do my readers need to drop everything and read it NOW? 
Hi Kendra! Dreams and Devotion is the fourth book in my Tales of Taelis series and can be read on its own. It was a hard book for me to write because there is so much of my heart in the story. Why should your readers read it right now? I think they will find it an emotional journey that helps bring the healing of God into the dark places of life.

2. Could you choose a favorite character from this book?
Dara. While I have the temperament of Dresden, I enjoyed writing Dara's side the most. She had so much emotion, yet an inner strength that made her easy to love.

3. What is something that you'd like readers to take from this book?
That life is hard and hurts sometimes. Things don't go how we dream or expect, even when we do everything right. Yet, God is there for us in the midst of the heartache, disappointments, and hurts. He never leaves us without evidence of his care.

4. Tales of Taelis is historical fiction that takes place in a fictional country. What was behind your decision to write them like this, and what are the benefits and struggles because of it?
I had some ideas about royal families and such that didn't fit with the history of a country. I really wanted the freedom to write the history of a country, but I wanted it to feel real. I wanted the backdrop to be against real places so that it felt real. Probably the biggest struggle is to make sure that the timeline of the story lines up with the historical aspects I want to bring into the story.

5. Who are some of your favorite authors? 
Grace Livingston Hill, Elizabeth Camden, Elizabeth Goerge (the one that rights Christian non-fiction), Elisabeth Allen, Kelsey Bryant, Jaye L. Knight, Jessica Greyson, and J. Grace Pennington.

6. What do you do when you're not writing?
Read, quilt, read, hang out with my family, read some more. I also enjoy taking long walks either down our country road or through the woods.

7. Do you know your personality type? If so, how would you say it affects your writing?
No, I have never liked personality tests and the like. Yet, my personality does affect my writing greatly. I internalize a lot of my struggles and I can spend a lot of time just sitting and thinking.  Writing is a major way I express what is going on inside of me. Can I turn this question on you Kendra? I want to hear your answer. :)

I think I answered that on one of my cover reveals - one moment and let me go get the post, that way I'm not taking up too much more space: It's the last of Kiri's three questions, and I waxed a bit verbose on it.

Some dreams will be dashed, and their devotion will be tested.
Dara's life is full of farm work and worries, especially now that her older brother is a priest in a far off city. Yet she still has time to dream of the life she hopes will someday be. She dreams of marrying her dear friend and the worries of her family ending. Now, the selfishness of one person threatens her very way of life.
Dresden's initial excitement about living a life devoted to the service of God quickly is dashed on the rocks of reality. The life of a priest is nothing like what he imagined. To make matters worse, he finds out his family back in his home village is on the brink of disaster. Torn between his vows and his love for his family, what will he choose?

About the Sarah

Sarah Holman is a not so typical mid-twenties girl: A homeschool graduate, sister to six awesome siblings, and author of many published books and short stories. If there is anything adventuresome about her life, it is because she serves a God with a destiny bigger than anything she could have imagined.
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