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Interview with Grant Weathersby

“M’lady, it has been fairly well confirmed that the Redona was hidden away by the merfolk at the conclusion of the Great War instead of destroyed as was commanded. My brother has confirmed to me Joseph’s belief that it was concealed at the Crossways.”
Toarna pressed her fingertips together in thought. “It must be recovered and destroyed as was at first intended.”

Emily, Allan, Jill, and Joey have been reunited with their long lost ancestors. But with that reunion comes the true beginning of their quest: free the rightful king of Calhortz so that he may be restored to his throne. The Redona, the only object that can free him from his long imprisonment, is rumored to be concealed in The Crossways, a mountain across the sea which cannot be entered.
A slave since birth, Adriel’s resentment and hatred towards the strytes only grows as his family is continually ripped from him. He longs for the freedom the Time Captives are prophesied to bring, but he doubts their existence, just as he doubts God’s love. Circumstances in Calhortz are so dire. How could they ever improve?
Who can enter The Crossways? Will the king ever be freed? Or will the slaves of Calhortz lose all hope of freedom before it is even offered to them?

The Crossways is the second book of the Time Captives trilogy, a tale of faith, family, fantasy, and a fight for truth and freedom.
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Here's my final post for Morgan Elizabeth Huneke's blog tour,

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1. Hi Grant! Welcome to my blog! What would you like my readers to know about you?
Hi! I’m a sailor on my brother’s merchant ship the Falcon’s Wing. When my sister got married, Cap’n took me on as cabin boy, but I’ve since moved up. I love being at sea and hanging out with Eleanor and playing jokes on the rest of the crew. It’s a great life, if you don’t count pirates and storms and sea monsters and such. And I get to live it with my brother and my best friend, so nothing could be better. Well, one thing could be better, but I’m only sixteen still.

2. You're a sailor. What is your favorite part of life at sea?
Being out in the open ocean. It’s just so amazing to sit up in the crow’s nest or in the rigging and look around at nothing but water as far as the eye can see. You feel so free. No cares or worries up there. You feel so small and insignificant, but at the same time like you’re the biggest thing in the world, like you’re the only thing, really. It’s best though, with Eleanor there. We get to see it all together, then. We have some great conversations too. Sometimes about how awesome God is to create all this. No way it could have just happened like the strytes like to think. Come to think about it, I think it’s seeing the open ocean with Eleanor that I like best. I liked it before I met her, but I like it better now.

3. Your brother is the captain - how would you describe your relationship?
*grins* It’s good. See, I’m the youngest and sort of the baby of the family, so I kind of tend to get away with stuff. Cap’n tries to be like a father to me, since we don’t have one anymore, but he’s still my brother and acts like it. It was the same thing with my sister Moriah before I went to sea with Cap’n. She tried to be a mother, but she still acted more like a sister. Cap’n’s not really much of a captain to me either. I mean, he still tells me what to do on the ship like he does the rest of the crew, but it’s different. Not that he’s like a dictator to them either, he actually knows how to lead, but he acts more like a brother to me than a cap’n. He actually likes it when I play jokes on him, even though he might act like he doesn’t. And, don’t tell him I said this, but he really is my hero, he was even before Moriah got married, so I do respect him and listen to him. I just want to make the Falcon’s Wing a fun place to be. Life at sea isn’t easy, after all.

4. How would you describe the Time Captive Eleanor?
The best girl I know. I don’t know very many, but still, she’s my best friend and that counts for something. She’s really pretty, but she’s not even close to prissy either. She’s great to talk to and hang out with, and she’s gotten to be pretty good on shipboard. Now, since she’s a Time Captive, she doesn’t ever change physically, but that doesn’t bother me at all. She’s growing up in all other ways. I can’t imagine ever living without her now. *sighs contentedly* I’ve really got a great life. I’m living my dream at sea with the best brother I could ask for and the best most amazing best friend that I never even could have imagined.

5. What is the most interesting place you have ever visited?

Well, we mostly just make trips between Briznom and the Yatachee Islands since we’re merchants, not explorers, but there was this one time when we were blown off course and ended up at a pirate island called Corunucia. There’s a sort of abandoned fortress there that was built by merfolk, so it has some pretty neat technology. It’s got running water and secret doors and all sorts of stuff. But there were pirates hiding away there, and when we went ashore to see what we could do about the storm damage to the Falcon’s Wing, they captured us and put us in these cells with a genetic lock. Don’t ask me how it works, only the merfolk know that. But they didn’t lock Eleanor up since she’s a girl and they were going to use her for ransom or something. Thank goodness they didn’t know she was a Time Captive, or we’d have really been in trouble. They took all our cargo and they were going to kill Cap’n because we knew where their island was, only we didn’t really because of the storm. To make a long story short, Eleanor snuck us out and we foiled the murder and taught that pirate a lesson. I’d like to go back there without murderous pirates, though, because it was a really neat fortress.

Morgan Elizabeth Huneke is a homeschool graduate who lives in Georgia. She has enjoyed creating characters and writing stories since early childhood. Her other interests include reading, playing the piano and violin, and politics. She is the author of Across the Stars and The Experiment.

You can connect with Morgan on her website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest.


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  1. Thanks for interviewing Grant! Now I REALLY want to write a whole book about him. :)


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